Later this year, The Review will publish a multi-part special section, entitled “Snapshots”, that focuses on updates and progress that has been made recently, or is in the works, in several different areas of life in our county.

While its called “Snapshots”, it will include much more than photos ... stories about those people, places and events that make Hawkins County’s clock tick!

And we need your help to make this happen.

As you know, we have a very small staff, and it would be physically impossible for our folks to independently contact every single business, church, fire department, governmental entity, non-profit, etc., to pull this information together, which is why we are asking our readers and the community to help us as we publish our first “progress” edition in several years.

The section topics, and the weekend publication dates that they will appear in the Review, are as follows:


2. EDUCATION (June 6-7);

3. GOVERNMENT (June 13-14);

4. COMMUNITY (June 20-21); and,


So, tell us ... what’s happening in YOUR part of our Hawkins County world?

In Agriculture, Industry & Business, we’d love to know how our farmers are doing, and what you are growing these days ... cattle, goats, corn, etc. A number of our industries have undergone name changes and other upgrades over the past year or so. Tell us about what’s happening at your place. New industries as well, we’d love to tell your story, too. Businesses, maybe you have recently moved, upgraded your place, or opened a new location that you’d like for readers to know about. Or, perhaps you celebrated a milestone anniversary that marked 10, 25, 50, or more years of serving the Hawkins County community. Chamber of Commerce, Industrial Development Board ... share what you are doing.

Education is always a hotbed of activity as our local teachers and support personnel teach and mold young minds into the leaders of tomorrow. Tell us what your school is involved in, progress you are seeing, or areas that you will be focusing on in the upcoming school year and beyond. Directors of Schools, we’d love to hear from you ... tell us what’s great about our local schools, and talk about projects or other events that may be coming in the near future.

In Government, well, that includes a wide variety of offices as well ... from the Hawkins Co. Commission and other county agencies to municipalities like the towns of Rogersville, Church Hill, Bulls Gap, Mount Carmel and Surgoinsville ... what would you, as city and county leaders, like readers to know about how YOUR town is doing? How the county, as a whole, is doing? Any plans for future development, or projects (big or small)? Tell us!

Community, well, that’s a tall order too! Here, we’d love to know what our Libraries and Veterans organizations are doing; the always popular Rogersville Heritage Days, and other local celebrations throughout the county; and how our churches and other non-profits are serving needs in the community through outreach ministries. And let’s not forget about our Volunteer Fire Departments!

In Arts, Culture and Entertainment, well, that, too, is a category where there are endless possibilities! For example, what is the Fourth of July Committee planning for the annual celebration in the park? Where can you go to hear good, live music these days? Who, from Hawkins County, is making their mark in the world of entertainment? How about the Local Artist Gallery and our multitude of amazingly talented painters and craftspeople? The MainStreet initiative and its Cruise Ins?

That is not an exhaustive list ... just a few of the topics I could think of off the top of my head.

In short, we want to focus on the people, places, and events that make Hawkins County such an amazing place to live, work, play, and retire.

Here’s how you can participate: send us an email telling us what you would like to contribute.

Keep in mind the publication dates listed by each section and remember that we MUST have your stories/photos THREE WEEKS BEFORE THE PUBLICATION DATE of each section. Sorry, but we have very strict press deadlines on these sections and this is non-negotiable!

Stories should be submitted either in “plain text” or MS Word documents ... NO SPECIAL FORMATTING OR “TABLES” PLEASE, and NO PDF documents with text files.

Photos should be in jpg or tif format, at least 100 ppi ... NO IMAGES PULLED FROM “SOCIAL MEDIA” SITES (FACEBOOK, etc,) .. those are “downsized” by Facebook and other sites and simply aren’t of sufficient quality to use when printing in a newspaper.

Send all material to:

If you need more information, call me at 423-528-0654.

We also need the support of our business community to make this happen, so if your retail shop, industry, service-related business or any other organization or entity would like to be a sponsor, please contact one of our advertising representatives, Abby Swearingen at, or Brenda Weems at

THANK YOU in advance for your help and participation.