For the past few months we have had a number of readers, subscribers and advertisers tell us that they have tried to call our office phone number during business hours and received no answer.

If we are open, during normal business hours, I assure you, someone will answer the phone unless everyone here is tied up helping other customers and, in those cases, the call will go to a voicemail option where you can leave a message ... we do not now nor have we ever deliberately ignored a call.

This has been, to say the least, as frustrating for us as we know it has been for you!

We have worked on this for some time now and from what our “technical” folks tell us, our phone system’s “hardware” is working the way its supposed to.

However, if you are one of those who has tried to call and received no answer, please try this: the next time you call, dial the 1+423 (area code) prefix along with the seven-digit office number.

Readers may recall that some months ago it was announced that, in most areas of Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina, 10-digit dialing is now required.

What that means is, yes, even in smaller, rural areas such as Hawkins and Hancock counties, you may now have to dial the 1+ area code + the seven digit telephone number.

From what we are told, this has been in the works for some time. With the popularity of cell phones increasing in recent years, the FCC allowed telephone providers in the United States to add many more area codes to keep up with the increasing “portability” of cell numbers that can, for instance, follow the customer if he/she moves from one part of the country to another.

Many “metro” areas have required 10-digit dialing for some time, but for those of us who live in smaller areas of the country, this is something new to us that, unfortunately, we’re gonna have to live with and get used to.

Also, one of the problems seems to be that some people are still using our “old” office phone number — 423-272-7422. That number is still “active” but when a call comes in on it, it may not be routed to the proper “desk” or person that you wish to speak to, so please make a note of the new direct-dial desk numbers listed below for the staff members whom you wish to reach:

For classified or legal advertising, calendar announcements, or subscription-related questions:

Brandy Trent, Office Manager, 423-528-0659.

For display ads in The Rogersville Review or The Hancock Co. Eagle, “sticky” ads for the front page of print editions, preprinted inserts, digital website ads, or for advertising in any of our magazines or other special projects:

Abby Swearingen, Advertising Sales, 423-528-0678;

Brenda Weems, Advertising Sales, 423-528-0737.

For news tips, to schedule a photographer, or request a news or feature story:

Allison F. Goley, Staff Writer, 423-528-0669.

For sports-related news tips or questions:

Jim Beller, Sports Editor, 423-528-0635.

For general news, community, editorial-related matters:

Tommy Campbell, Editor & Publisher, 423-528-0654.

With that said, next time you try to call the Review/Eagle office, if dialing our seven-digit numbers don’t work, please try using the 1+423 prefix with the seven-digit direct desk number and see if that helps.

We thank you for your patience and your support and hope that this simple “fix” solves the issue!