The Bookend Teresa Kindred

Hello, how are you all? I am doing well. Are you looking forward to Autumn? I sure am. I want this sweatshirt that has fall leaves falling on it and it says, “My favorite season is the fall of the patriarchy.” Ha. Well, back to today’s subject, life’s little surprises.

My friend Susie’s husband Jeff had one of life’s little surprises last week. Lord have mercy it is so funny. At the time I am sure this was not humorous to Jeff. It was terrifying I’m quite sure.

They live in an apartment complex with a big green metal garbage container. Jeff took out the garbage after dark. His wife Susie said, “Jeff should you bring the garbage out after dark? Oh, he was fine he said, just fine.

Jeff went on out with the garbage. When he got to the container, he slid open the door. Now bear in mind this whole surprise happened in the pitch dark. So dark you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. Bam! A ticked off racoon hurled his little body out of the garbage container smack onto Jeff’s face. It was a throw down.

The racoon went to town with his little claws on Jeff, scratching the ever-lovin’ fire out of Jeff’s face and arms. Jeff, in an entire state of shock tried to wrestle the racoon off of him. The racoon had the element of surprise on is side. Jeff sure got a surprise.

After a few seconds of the tussle Mr. Racoon leaped back into the garbage container, which he felt he had squatting rights to. Jeff threw the garbage in and hurried back to Susie and the safety of their apartment.

Susie doctored up his abrasions and calmed his frayed nerves. I asked Susie if he planned to take the garbage out after dark anymore and she said he already has. So ya’ll, it’ll be on again.

It’s just a matter of time. We shall see who gets the upper hand with the surprise next time. My odds are on the racoon.