Nineteen years ago Friday, Tennessee and most of America awoke to beautiful blue skies and to one of the most perfect days one could ever ask for.

Later that morning, however, things changed and changed quickly, as the United States found itself in the midst of a cowardly, bloody, satanically-mastered ambush that will forever be branded upon the hearts and souls of everyone who lived through it, in person or who watched in horror and disbelief as our homeland came under attack.

September 11th, 2001.


Who would have ever thought that such a picture-perfect Indian Summer day would come to carry such horrific memories?

I was driving to work at my post as editor of The Choctaw Advocate, in Butler, Ala., when my friend, local DJ Henry “T” Tyson, at WPRN Radio, broke in with a news update that a plane had crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers in New York.

I had worked with this guy for four years at the station as a fellow DJ. He and I still talked every morning about the news of the day, and from the tone of his voice, I knew this was not going to end well.

Immediately after he finished his news report, my cell phone rang.

It was Henry.

“Brother, you need to get to work and turn your TV on,” he said. “I’m telling you, this is as bad as it gets, and I’m not sure it’s over yet.”

An understatement, to be sure.

I got to work and turned on a TV in my office to live images that could have come directly out of the pit of hell.

In New York, Washington, and a field in rural Pennsylvania, thousands of innocent people died for no reason other than a band of cut-throat, demon-possessed, Godless, radical Islamic murdering savages decided they hate anyone who doesn’t cow-tow to their cruel, iron-fisted ideology and the freedoms we enjoy.

For the next week, we lived in a complete state of fear, panic and uncertainty as to what might happen next.

If Al Qaeda and the Taliban and their heinous henchmen thought it would change the face of America, they were right. It DID change us ... but not in the way they so ignorantly and stupidly thought.

September 11th didn’t separate us, it brought us closer together. It made us appreciate what is really important in life and the hereafter. It brought us to our knees alright, but not in submission to Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein (both of whom, by the way, are no doubt now rotting in the fires of Hell right now for the massacres they were responsible for.)

It opened our complacent eyes to the fact that we are vulnerable and that, just as on December 7th, 1941, we can never turn a blind eye nor a deaf ear to the maniacal schemes of some pip-squeak would-be tough-guy thug half a world away, NOR, may I add, right here in our own backyards.

It restored the patriotism that we so desperately needed but had somehow lost over the years.

I have never been prouder of any elected official than I was (and still am) of President George W. Bush in those dark days immediately after that attack.

Why am I bringing this up?

We have an election coming up in just a few short weeks.

We had better forget about dang POLITICAL PARTY b.s. and vote for Godly men and women, CONSERVATIVE men and women, who stand on character, integrity, values, and doing what is RIGHT, and not on the backs of donkeys or elephants; men and women who understand that terrorism still exists today in the form of radical left-wing, home-grown socialists, communists, and violent anarchist groups who exist right here in our own country ... many of them in the U.S. Congress and among the “Deep State” leftovers who, nearly four years later, are still working overtime to bring down a legitimately-elected President.

We owe that to ourselves, to our children and grandchildren, and to the thousands of innocent people who lost their lives on September 11th and on dozens of battlefields around the world since that time to VOTE RESPONSIBLY.

The cost of freedom is high, folks.

We need a president in the oval office who understands those stakes.

A president who understands that the terrorists are out there — in droves, and much closer than we may realize — that they still hate us; and that no amount of “civil discourse” will change their twisted mindsets.

A president who understands that the only way to deal with this amoebic pond scum slime is to give our military men and women a mission and turn ‘em loose and let them do what they do best; no matter whether that is state-side or on foreign soil, when the need arises.

Which brings me to another very valid point: It may just be time for President Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and allow the U.S. Military to go into these lawless hell-hole cities and clean up the messes that socialist mayors there won’t touch.

If that sounds cold to you, ask yourself this question: if the terrorist threat isn’t stopped in its tracks, how long before they start showing up right here, in Rogersville, Church Hill, Bean Station, Surgoinsville, Sneedville, Mount Carmel, Kingsport, Bulls Gap, Mooresburg or elsewhere and start killing us and our loved ones?


Is that what we want for America?

Personally, I think not.

But if it is, may God help a deceived nation of fools for sitting back and allowing it to happen on our watch!

Make no mistake about it, that gang of barbarians hates everybody who doesn’t share their totalitarian goal of domination and lawlessness.

When it comes to foreign terrorists, they hate preachers, doctors, teachers, housewives, service station attendants, students, nursing home residents, convenience store clerks, mail carriers, truck drivers; men and women; mothers, fathers, and innocent children whom they force to line up, kneel, and then shoot in the backs of their heads.

Domestic terrorists are no better. The barbaric animals who rob, loot, burn, pillage, deface public/private property and maim and kill innocent people wantonly and at random should be hunted down and dealt with by the law, in courts of law, and spend many years behind bars to atone for their lawless garbage.

This week, as we reflect on the 19th anniversary of that hellish day in a September that now seems so long ago and so far away, yet nearer than it has ever been, let’s all resolve to fight terrorism — foreign AND domestic — in our own way, by educating ourselves and resolving to elect a president and members of Congress who can actually say the words “radical Islamic terrorists” and “domestic anarchist thugs” and who truly understand what those chilling terms mean.