Hawkins Habitat for Humanity just recently finished and moved in another family into a new energy efficient affordable home, making this 43 families partnered with by helping furnish housing since February of 1992.

Douglas C. Dalton and children Kyrstin and Jackson moved into their new home last month and are enjoying it immensely.

Marshall Stubblefield, Executive Director for Hawkins Habitat for Humanity, presented Dalton with two sets of keys to their new home: a set of keys to the front and back doors; and a new Bible or Keys to the Kingdom.

“The children and I thoroughly enjoy our new home,” Dalton said. “We are proud of it and we are thankful to Habitat for Humanity for making this possible.”

Stubblefield said Dalton contributed 500 hours of sweat equity in the construction of his house with community volunteers Carl Nelson, Dick Olson, Mark Elkins, Jerry Helker, Fred Grillot, Frank Gray, Frank Madison, Curt Griffin, Bruce Meyer, Hardee’s, South Side Restaurant, Dominos Pizza, etc.

“This house was financed by donations and contributions from local businesses, local and state governments, individuals, etc.,” Stubblefield said. “These kind folks, out of the goodness of their heart are the ones that made it possible for this low income family to have a new home to call their own and fulfill the American Dream. Hawkins Habitat has found the when we address a family good things begin to happen.”

Stubblefield added, “We are building a new house in Bulls Gap and need donations of money and materials for it. We also need board members, committee leaders, and a grant writer. Also we are presently taking applications for Habitat home ownership. If you can volunteer some time or need an application please call the Hawkins Habitat office on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 8-11 a.m.”