When crisis, like COVID-19, attacks us, it is critical to control the things we can amid the chaos. Our communities are currently facing unknown challenges. Even as we make the slow return towards normal life, there will be obstacles to overcome.

The financial coaches from The Lakeway Financial Opportunity Center, a financial empowerment program of Clinch-Powell, have put together information to assist you with addressing the concerns that are arising as a result of the COVID-19 situation, particularly the financial impact this will have.

The Lakeway FOC provides services that are so needed during this time: Financial Guidance, Job Coaching, and access to resources. For free individual services call 865-828-5927 or email Clinch-Powell has been a leader for 30 years in assisting individuals, families, and communities during times of need, and we will continue to serve you through this difficult time. Lakeway FOC is in partnership with Rural LISC.

Make a Plan!

Don’t panic. This isn’t always easy, but our certified coaches can help, and there is no charge for our services at this time.

The best way to combat anxiety is to make a plan. Scientific evidence has proven overwhelmingly that anxiety impacts the parts of the brain that are related to decision making. It has always been our strategy to help our clients develop crisis management plans to ensure that they can weather emergency situations.

But even if you do not already have a plan in place, you can start where you are and begin to plan your next steps.

FOC coaches are here to help you make a plan that will get you through this situation with the least amount of negative impact.

Create a Crisis Budget

Health is one of the primary issues weighing on our minds right now, but the impact that social isolation has or will have on your finances is just as serious.

Creating a crisis budget is necessary in times like these. Lakeway FOC coaches are experts in crisis budget management and can help you prioritize expenses and minimize financial strain as we weather the current economic situation.

Many people are facing lay-offs, reduced hours, and increased expenses as everyday necessities such as food and household supplies rise in cost or become more difficult to find. As government entities and local organizations are trying to develop solutions, people in our communities continue to search for ways to cope with the everyday struggles.

It is critical to honestly look at your current spending and determine what can be eliminated. Is it essential? If not, cut it. Can you switch to a less expensive cable package? Can you negotiate a reduction in credit card payments temporarily?

Let us help you navigate these difficult situations and be an advocate for you in working with creditors and lenders. There is no charge for these services at this time.

Call 865-828-5927 or email to get started.