I owe Patsy’s Bakery and owner Patsy Sturgill a huge debt, because every once in a while they transform me into “hero for a day”.

Patsy’s celebrated its 38th anniversary last month at the Church Hill Shopping Center where it was originally located in the current Of One Accord food pantry offices in the main building.

She moved across the parking lot when the strip mall was built on the Pal’s side of the property about 28 years ago.

I’m about to give away one of my best kept secrets, but most mornings if you get to Patsy’s early enough you can find trays of day-old pastry’s for 99 cents a tray in the rack at the far left end of the shop as you walk in.

She’ll fit four big items on a tray, like apple fritters or chocolate cream puff donuts. Or you get a combo of big items with a handful of donut holes.

Patsy’s is the best. This is not a paid ad. That’s from the heart, and I know a lot of newspaper folks in Kingsport and Rogersville who will concur.

Everything is fresh baked in their shop by Patsy and her longtime assistant Pam Moore. Cakes, pies, donuts, turnovers, cookies, fritters — you name it, and they also have a deli and serve sandwiches for lunch.

On my last visit Patsy had about eight packs of day old pastries on the rack, and my first instinct was to wipe her out.

Back in the old days when I worked at another newspaper with a large staff in the building, bringing in eight packs of day-old Patsy’s donuts definitely made me “hero for a day”. It would also turn my coworkers into a pack of piranha, and it wouldn’t be long before those trays were reduced to a handful of crumbs.

These days there are only three or four of us in the Rogersville Review office at any given time. Buying eight trays of donuts would have been a poor health decision on my part because we’d be forced to eat them all ourselves.

So, I only bought two trays with four apple fritters on each of them. There were three of us in the office Wednesday, so I was still hero for a day on a much smaller scale.

Patsy’s Bakery is located at 401 Richmond Street in Church Hill. They are open Tuesday through Saturday 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

You can call them at (423) 357-8119.