All of Doc’s surviving siblings have already been adopted, and now the Hawkins County Humane Society is looking for someone who can love their furry pirate.

Last month Doc needed a doctor of his own due to an eye infection that eventually cost him one of his eyes.

HCHS board member Sue Barkley has been fostering Doc through all of his medical procedures and recovery.

But, Barkley has a house full of her own cats and dogs, and she told the Review Tuesday now that Doc is healed up it’s time for someone to give her one-eyed-wonder a “fur-ever home”.

“A guy found seven kittens abandoned at a house construction site and brought them to us,” Barkley said “They all had respiratory issues and eye issues, and since the shelter was full I took the kittens home to get them healthy. Doc was the worst of them. He was sneezing, coughing, wheezy, and then his eyes were swollen almost completely shut.”

Barkley added, “Unfortunately Doc was the only one whose eyes didn’t come back all the way. He was brought to the shelter too late for antibiotic ointment to be effective. The infection actually made his eye shrink, and we had to have it surgically removed. Luckily we were able to save his other eye.”

Doc, who is now approximately five months old, had his surgery about two weeks ago at the Rogersville Animal Hospital, and recently had his stitches removed, so he’s ready to be adopted.

“After his surgery I brought him home so I could keep a good eye on him, and he’s done really well,” Barkley said. “He’s eating like a pig. He purrs all the time and he’s very loving. But, he’s a one-eyed wonder. We want to put a pirate patch on him, but he won’t leave it on.

Of Doc’s six siblings one died and five were adopted including his best friend Sneezy who was adopted while Doc was in surgery.

“Doc was the fighter,” Barkley said. “He’s the feisty one, and as his foster mommy he has become the boss of all my cats and my dog. Dr. Slaughter at Rogersville Animal Hospital took care of him and he did really good.”

She added, “His story is like a lot of what happens here. Sometimes we get so many animals at one time we just get overwhelmed. It’s good when we can help them out and get them new homes. We’ve had a lot of interest I Doc so hopefully people like the one-eyed kitty enough to take him home.”

Anyone who would like to adopt Doc can call the HCHS at (423) 272-6538 and arrange to have Barkley bring Doc to the shelter to meet you.

The Hawkins County Humane society is located at 5180 Highway 11-W, on the far eastern outskirts of Rogersville.

Update on abused dog with broken pelvis

Last week the Review reported on a dog that the HCHS named ”Chase” that was dragged by a leash on Stanley Valley Road by a man on foot.

HCHS director Sandy Behnke told the Review Tuesday that Chase remains at the Rogersville Animal Hospital recovering from a broken pelvis.

”Many people are calling the shelter each and every day to find out how Chase is doing,” Behnke said. “We are hoping the witness can provide some information so that we can get charges. I’m waiting to hear from Rogersville Animal Hospital to get an update on Chase.”