Sheldon Livesay

Sheldon Livesay

Many of us have prayed every prayer we know to pray during these 19 months of COVID and yet it seems this dreaded epidemic COVID continues to reach across the nation and around the world bringing destruction everywhere in its path.

Sometimes, when immediate prayer doesn’t work, I try to back up and ask God if there is a bigger picture. What is it going to take to see this plague stopped? I wrote recently that nothing is impossible with God. Nothing is beyond His reach and nothing is greater than His power.

In every previous crisis in our nation though, people gathered, filling their churches for prayer. National prayer leaders issued calls for their faith groups to come together in times of prayer and fasting. Most of us remember churches filled following 9/11 and people promised to turn back to God.

Then we remember how we gathered before Dessert Storm and again cried out to God. Churches again filled as mothers and fathers, wives and children cried out for those leaving for active duty. We remember it was estimated America could lose tens of thousands of men as we assaulted Baghdad, but God worked several miracles the night of the attack and we literally took that city with just over 100 lost troops.

This week the Lord led me to recall during the time of Moses having led the Hebrews out of Egypt into the wilderness, a plague of serpents killed many of the Hebrews in Number 21 but God made a way to stop the plaque.

Then we find in Israel when David was king, a plague of sickness came upon Israel with many dying, II Sam 24. In this latter story, God himself looked on the loss and said, “It is enough.”

Today, we can come together as readers, joining our hearts and prayers together spread across this county, appealing to the “great” God of heaven, the Father of Jesus Christ to hear our cries. How long Lord? How many Lord? As Nehemiah, we stop our activities to ask forgiveness for our sins, the sins of our nation, and even the sins of our father’s generation before us.

We raise our cries to God today to say, “it is enough”. We implore you to stop the plague Lord! Let it end! The Psalmist David said, Hear my cry, O God, attend to my prayer.

Sheldon Livesay is director of the Of One Accord ministry. You can contact him but calling (423) 921-8044.