Jim Weart

James C. Weart

There was a great song that came out in 1976, sung by a rock group called The Eagles, entitled “The New Kid in Town.” The first few stanzas went as follows:

“There’s talk on the street; it sounds so familiar. Great expectations, everybody’s watching you. People you meet, they all seem to know you. Even your old friends treat you like you’re something new.”

“Johnny-come-lately. The new kid in town. Everybody loves you, so don’t let them down.”

The song was written about a young man who had recently arrived in town, got everyone’s attention and was doing great things. However, this Editorial is about the new Gal in the town of Washington, D.C., Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger. Since being elected to represent the good people of Northeast Tennessee, Diana has not sat around on her laurels, but rather jumped into the Congressional fight with both feet. She currently serves on two Congressional Committees: Education and Labor; and Homeland Security. She has been a strong supporter of both our active military as well as our Military Veterans. Diana is doing everything possible for our Military Veterans to ensure that they receive the Veterans Administration Benefits and Medical Care that they deserve.

Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger is currently conducting Vietnam Veteran Commendation Ceremonies in honor of the 50th Anniversary of that war throughout Northeast Tennessee. On October 8, 2021, she was in Rogersville at the American Legion Post 21 presenting Vietnam and Vietnam Era Veterans with a lapel pin and a Congressional Commendation Certificate in recognition of their service. She has similar ceremonies scheduled in Elizabethton, Bristol and Kingsport throughout the month of October.

Harshbarger recently introduced a bill in the House of Representatives to repeal President Biden’s Executive Order mandating that private sector employees of companies that contract with the Federal Government and Federal Employees must receive a COVID19 vaccine or face penalties including termination of employment and large fines being imposed on their employers. In fighting for passage of the bill Representative Harshbarger said in part:

“I’m all for fighting COVID and keeping Americans healthy and safe… But authoritarian vaccine mandates and threatening jobs based on COVID vaccine status that could have devastating impacts to our health care and First Responder workforce and other parts of our economy are not the answer…. Now President Biden has made clear that he is not afraid to violate our Constitutional Rights to get what he wants. If Biden were serious about COVID19, he would secure our southern border immediately…”

This bill as not come to a vote in the House at the time of the writing of this article because it got stalled in Committee. I must say that her explanation of the bill and why she introduced it is an excellent diagnosis of why President Biden’s Executive Order is so contradictory. On one hand, he is saying all you employees out there must be vaccinated in order to stop the spread of COVID throughout the United States. On the other hand, as so aptly pointed out by Harshbarger, the President has totally failed to secure our southern border from illegal immigrants, allowing over 100,000 per month into our country. Statistics have already shown that many of them are either sick with COVID or are carriers of it when they crossover into our border, thus spreading it everywhere.

Diana Harshbarger’s other bill, the Department of Homeland Security Contract Reporting Act of 2021, which passed in the House, requires a public daily report from all private contracting companies who are transporting or housing immigrants who have crossed our southern border into the United States, The Biden Administration has been flying these illegal immigrants into cities around the country. They are then put on buses or other forms of ground transportation and taken to holding facilities where they are housed and medically treated. When Representative Harshbarger learned recently that planes had landed in Knoxville and Chattanooga carrying unaccompanied minor immigrants who were put on buses to destinations unknown, she sprang into action and introduced this bill. When asked by a reporter why she introduced the bill, her reply was:

“But we don’t know where the bus went. We don’t know how they got here, where they came from, who their sponsor was or any other information about them. We want to know within 24 hours that it will be posted on a user-friendly website for you and me to see who got the contract, what the award was, who they are servicing, where they came from, where they are going and how much it costs.”

The bill is now on its way to the Senate where it is expected to pass. GREAT JOB DIANA in holding the Biden Administration’s feet to the fire. I guess they thought they could continue their secretive, clandestine activities on our southern border and no one would notice.

So Joe and Kamala, you might want to be looking over your shoulders because there’s a new gal in town and she’s going to be watching your every move. Unlike you two, who have checked into the Fantasyland Castle (see my last weekend’s editorial), Diana has decided to bypass it and move on to Adventure Land. Unlike you do-nothing, wishers and dreamers, Diana Harshbarger is a lady who is ALL ACTION and very little talk. If you fired Kamala as your Immigration Czar and hired Diana, she could straighten out the fiasco on our southern border in 30 days. But you won’t do that because she is one of those awful Republicans, who actually puts “AMERICA FIRST”, instead of your “New World Order” policy that has to please all the worlds’ people all the time.

Didn’t Abraham Lincoln say something about pleasing all of the people all of the time in 1862?

James C. Weart is a retired criminal attorney who resides in Rogersville. You can email him at jamesweartcrimlaw@gmail.com