Local Heating and Cooling donates to barber/beauty shop renovation

Local Heating and Cooling recently donated $1,068 for renovations to the beauty and barber shop located inside Signature Healthcare. Pictured (left to right) Cosmetologist Beth Banner, Signature Healthcare Activities Director Annie Arrigo, Signature Healthcare Administrator Carol Lawson, Connie Haney, Local Heating and Cooling owner Junior Haney and Local Heating and Cooling employee Stan Bradley.

ROGERSVILLE — Rogersville’s Local Heating and Cooling recently awarded a little over $1,000 to Rogersville’s Signature Healthcare Nursing Home for improvements to the beauty and barber shop located inside.

“Aside from the barber pole outside the door, the beauty and barber shop looks exactly like it did when the nursing home was first built,” said Stan Bradley of Local Heating and Cooling. “We want to bring it up to a more contemporary stage. They are excited and we are, too.”

StreetscapesThe barber shop remodel is actually part of Signature Healthcare’s “Streetscape” initiative, which aims to make the nursing home feel more like a miniature community.

So far, there is a room designated as a General Store, a Chapel and a Barber Shop. In the future, the staff also plans to add a ‘drive-in’ that will serve the kinds of food found in a traditional drive-in restaurant.

The outside of each room is also designed, so elders can walk by each one and feel as if they are walking down the street in a town.

“We really stress community here,” said Signature Healthcare Activities Director Annie Arrigo. “Having these streetscapes makes it seem less like an institutionalized place and more like a little community.”

This goes along with Signature Healthcare’s ‘Eden Journey’ to follow the ‘Eden Alternative,’ which aims to create “habitats for human beings” rather than “facilities for the frail and elderly.” In order to join the Eden Alternative registry, each facility must achieve certain goals, and Streetscapes is just one of the ways that Signature Healthcare tries to follow the ‘Eden Alternative.’

Beth’s Beauty and Barber“We felt like remodeling the beauty shop was a project that would help all of the elders,” said Signature Healthcare Activities Director Annie Arrigo. “It’s something they can see, they can enjoy and brings a better quality of life to them.”

Every elder at Signature Healthcare can enjoy of the barber shop, which is staffed by Beth Banner. Banner has been cutting and styling the elder’s hair for the past 12 years and can offer them cuts, perms, colors and “whatever else they want.” During this time, she has developed a strong bond with each of her ‘clients.’

“We have quite a few elders who come and get their hair done every week,” she said. “It’s a very busy place, and they love it. If we ever have to close the shop for any reason, it really upsets them. They’re so used to it, and it gives them something to look forward to every week.”

The newly remodeled shop will be called Beth’s Beauty and Barber, and the newly designed sign can already be seen hanging outside the shop’s door. Banner also explained that both she and the elders are excited that the newly remodeled shop will be painted Tennessee orange.

“There is a community to invest in”In regard to the company’ choice to help Signature Healthcare, Bradley explained that he and the staff of Local Heating and Cooling saw a need there.

“Sometimes, when things are out of sight, they are simply out of mind,” he said. “That’s a very innocent position to be in. If only people knew, perhaps they would do something about it. We also know that there are nursing home residents — past, present and future — who have made our business what it is today, so we want to give back.”

Signature Healthcare is actually not the only beneficiary of the company’s generosity. For example, Cub Scout Pack 100 recently held a car wash in the parking lot of Local Heating and Cooling. The company matched the $175 the Pack earned, bringing the total to $350.

At the end of the month, members of Pack 100 will accompany Local Heating and Cooling employees on a trip to purchase much needed supplies for the Hawkins Co. Humane Society and will personally deliver the supplies.

“We had some budget money left over this year, so we are going to be doing several things throughout the community,” Bradley said. “We hope that other local businesses will see that there is a community to invest in. So, we are looking for areas to help in the community, and we hope to encourage other businesses to do the same.”