A UPS driver was attacked on Nov. 3 in Surgoinsville in what appeared to be an attempted robbery.

The attack occurred on around 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 3 on Highway 11-W near the Lone Oak Road intersection.

When Hawkins County Sheriff’s Deputy Ed Rodriguez spoke to the victim, he told Rodriguez that he had been flagged down by two males in a red Chevrolet Cavalier. He initially thought it might have been a customer, so he pulled into the right emergency lane and stopped the UPS truck.

“One male approached the driver’s side of the UPS truck and [the driver] then quickly closed the door,” Rodriguez stated in his report. “The other male walked to the passenger side and began to step inside. [The driver] then made him step off the truck, and that is when the male grabbed [the driver] and pushed him hard against the side of the truck.”

The driver told Rodriguez that he fought back.

“[The driver] defended himself by striking his assailant across the face,” the report reads. “[The driver] spotted the other male coming around the truck towards him. [The driver] then struck the male again and stood up to engage the other male.”

Instead of fighting, the other male grabbed his partner, “helped him up, and they staggered off to the red Cavalier and drove off.”

The driver was able to locate his cell phone and call 911, but the Cavalier wasn’t located. According to Rodriguez’s report, the driver suffered some bloody knuckles and a torn shirt.

The report was forwarded to the HCSO Detective Bureau, and UPS was advised of the incident.