Night Lights Over Greeneville

GREENEVILLE — Local author Pauline E. Petsel has released her latest book, “Night Lights Over Greeneville”. The book was inspired after she asked local people what the flashing lights over the mountain were and all she got was “I don’t know. They’ve been seein’ em for years. Guess they are airplanes”. This caused Pauline to put her 35mm camera with a telephoto lens onto a heavy- duty tripod and with the use of a cable-release took pictures for two hours every night for four years. When having pictures made, she discovered many unusual things. Also during that period of time, she encountered many experiences which are revealed within the pages of her 345-page book with color pictures. The book is $39 if purchsed from Petsel locally. It is also for sale on Amazon at a higher cost. It is also available on on Amazon as a Kindle e-book for $9.99. Petsel is pictured with her book and an “extraterrestrial” friend! Petsel can be contacted by email at

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