The Mount Carmel City Park is set to receive several upgrades that will be implemented this year.

At the town’s July 22 Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, Parks Committee Chairman Gary Traylor recommended seven park upgrades that were designed to “allow the city to continue providing a safe, fun and inclusive recreational environment to children of all abilities.” These recommendations were passed unanimously by the board.

Traylor recommended the following:

1. Purchase and install one wheelchair capable swing on set near the pavilion.

2. Pour an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) acceptable path leading to wheelchair capable swing for ease of access.

3. Purchase and install an ADA acceptable, reclining type swing on set near the pavilion.

4. Replace pea gravel and container boxes from each of the playground equipment areas.

5. Repair/Replace field lighting on upper ball fields as necessary.

6. Purchase and install Break Away goals on Basketball Court.

7. Construct a 9-hole Disc Golf course on the lower-level section of park

“We came up with seven recommendations that we feel can be easily accomplished in 2021,,” Traylor said. “Our park is such a wonderful resource to community members and the youth.”

“It is going to improve our park,” Mayor Pat Stilwell said.

She noted that there had been some discussion of rearranging the park so that all playground equipment was in one place instead of scattered around the park.

“People have said, ‘we can’t keep up with our children in the park,’” she said. “A lady told me the other day that she has four children and said they were everywhere in the park.”

Alderman Keith Gibson suggested that the recommendations be done in phases.

“Before we look at making changes all together, let’s put a legitimate, long-term roadmap plan together so that we don’t incur expenses that we shouldn’t,” he said. “Let’s have an actual plan before we start making arbitrary changes. That way we can maximize that space and what we can offer at that park.”

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