NASHVILLE — On January 21, 2020, the Supreme Court of Tennessee temporarily suspended Kyle Douglas Vaughan from the practice of law upon finding that Vaughan misappropriated funds for his own use and poses a threat of substantial harm to the public.

Section 12.3 of Supreme Court Rule 9 provides for the immediate summary suspension of an attorney’s license to practice law in cases where an attorney misappropriated funds or poses a threat of substantial harm to the public.

Vaughan is immediately precluded from accepting any new cases, and he must cease representing existing clients by February 21, 2020.

After February 21, 2020, Vaughan shall not use any indicia of lawyer, legal assistant, or law clerk nor maintain a presence where the practice of law is conducted.

Vaughan must notify all clients being represented in pending matters, as well as co-counsel and opposing counsel of the Supreme Court’s Order suspending his law license.

Vaughan is required to deliver to all clients any papers or property to which they are entitled.

This suspension remains in effect until dissolution or modification by the Supreme Court. Vaughan may for good cause request dissolution or modification of the suspension by petition to the Supreme Court.