SURGOINSVILLE — A Hawkins Co. Sheriff’s Deputy who responded to a call regarding an argument between a man and a woman ended up arresting the female on multiple charges, completely unrelated to the verbal conflict.

Deputy Stephanie Bolognese said that about 5:30 p.m., on June 27, 2020, she arrived at an address in the 100 block of Dogwood Drive where she found the two standing outside talking.

When approached, both said that “they had been arguing but no physical assault” had happened, her report states.

“I asked the female’s name and she told me that it was Whitney Baggota and that she did not have an ID and did not know her Social (Security number),” Bolognese wrote.

The male also gave his name, but when the deputy ran them through Central Dispatch’s NCIC system, the name given by the woman came back as “not on file”.

The woman asked Bolognese if she could find her phone, and while she was looking through her bag, the deputy saw her ID, which identified her as Katrina Aileen Greene, 36, of the Dogwood Drive address.

A check of that name revealed that Greene was wanted on three warrants out of Hawkins County, two for failure to appear, and one for violation of probation.

While searching Greene, Bolognese found a pill bottle with one white RP B8 pill and two broken pieces of a white pill that were labeled for the prescription bottle labeled Bumorphine 8mg tablet, the report states.

“I also found an orange pill labeled M N8 (suboxone) and green pill labeled S 90 R (alprazolam) in the same bottle,” she wrote. Greene said she “knew she should not have the suboxone” but was holding it for a family member.

After leaving the scene, the male — who was not charged — called to state that his floor had been kicked in and that he believed Greene was responsible, the report said, adding that both he and Greene live at the residence.

Greene was transported to the Hawkins Coo. Jail where she was booked on the following charges:

• Violation of probation;

• Failure to appear (two counts);

• Criminal impersonation;

• Possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance; and,

• Possession of a Schedule III controlled substance.

A June 29, 2020 arraignment date was set for Greene in Hawkins Co. Sessions Court.