It amazes me that as I look out at this marvelous world, how God, in his wisdom, put it all together to work so wonderfully, unless man messes it up.

It never fails to amaze me how, when the dark clouds are gathering overhead, thunder booming, lightening flashing, how I know somewhere above the clouds, the sun is still shining. It reminds me, how so often, when we allow the cares of this life to make us feel we are alone, forgotten, forsaken, and all around, if only we’d just get the fog to settle.

It amazes me how God takes the love of a man and woman and makes a seed to fertilize and grow into such a healthy, beautiful bundle of joy. It amazes me how God takes the worst of the worst men, saves him, washes him clean and makes a new creature out of him. It amazes me to plant a garden with such small seeds and watch it grow and yield vegetables for the tables or maybe a flower to bloom. It amazes me how, when it seems there’s no hope for relationships to ever forgive and love once again, that God can give them the grace to forgive and love once again.

It amazes me how he takes broken hearts and the brokenness of men and puts them back together. It amazes me the many miracles he performs daily, that so often we take for granted and never notice. Sometimes, we get so busy we crowd him out, until he has to pull our reins and slow us down, so we will get on our knees and thank him once again, when we remember just where he brought us from.

It amazes me how, when we mess up, he is still there waiting to forgive us, when we repent and ask his forgiveness. But, of all the miracles I can possibly think of is how God not only begotten Son to die for all the people of the world, but that he loved me (or you) so much, someone he saw in the future, that he gave his son to be mistreated, spit on, whipped and to die on a cross for me, and raised again the third day. And that by his stripes, I can be healed; because one day when I was seven years old, I heard the voice of God telling me I was lost and Jesus knocking on my hearts door, and even though Satan battled in my mind for my soul, I trusted Jesus and opened my heart and let him in. The burden was gone, joy filled my heart and when I lay down at night, I have the assurance if I should die, I’d go to Heaven and not Hell.

It still amazes me, the peace, that passes all understanding, he continually gives, even in the face of such heart break at the dying of a loved one, the grace he gives that keeps us from doing things you’d like to do that could be harmful to your life. And then, He continues to be there when you need to talk regardless of how late at night and you feel his love and protection continually throughout the day.

It amazes me what an AMAZING LIVING GOD we have and serve.