There’s some drive-in movie magic happening in Rogersville at 608 Choptack Road at Clouds Creek.

When I was a young girl, the Jolly Roger in Stanley Valley was the place to go.

Although I remember Jaws and other movies, my first drive-in experience was going on a double date with Joey McMakin, Sherry Begley Bundy and Kurt Winstead to see “The Sound of Music.”

Sherry and I sat in the back with the boys up front.

During intermission when they went to the concession stand, we girls decided to switched it up. The drive-in was a lot of fun. I borrowed my Dad’s ‘hippie’ van a time-or-two and loaded ‘er up with a bunch of friends—the more the merrier.

A young family, Miles and Sylvia Kondylas and their daughter, recently transplanted here and brought back the ‘Drive-in’ experience to Rogersville.

“Miles and I,” says Sylvia, “started a production company in Atlanta called Clvr (clever) Us. We did the physical work, behind the scenes for major music and cultural events through out the country. Video staging backgrounds, and visual facades became our forte’. We settled in New Orleans, and we got local, busy supporting events at the convention center.”

“We were ready for a new chapter and moved to Alaska. That was two months before COVID-19. We had 18 months of cold and missing our families. By the grace of God we found this property in Rogersville and started to ponder ways to benefit our new community.”

Sylvia said the thought of a drive-In theater hit them like a ton of bricks.

“We knew how to set one up and how to run it, and also how much the community needed something like this,” she said.

Help make Miles and Sylvia feel welcomed to our community. I appreciate the spirit of their venture.

Come and relive the drive-in experience. Bring the kids, blankets and chairs. And don’t forget the bug spray.

Sylvia: “It’s time to bring us all back together. We are thrilled to be bring a drive-in theater to Hawkins County. Especially, since the last one closed 30 years ago and the local theater shut down because of COVID. We are doing all we can to upgrade the experience and look forward to growing in the future. Thank you Rogersville for all the warm welcomes and continued support.”

The Choptack Drive In is located at 608 Choptack Road. Gates open at 7:30 p.m., and the movie starts at dark.

Every Friday is family night with $10 admission per carload. Cartoons and/or shorts last one hour. Sept. 3 is 1960s and 70s cartoon night; Sept. 10 is Three Stooges night; Sept. 17 is Merry Melodies night; and Sept. 25 is Loony Tunes night.

Saturday features are $20 per carload. The Sept. 4 show is the 1958 Robert Mitchum moonshine hotrod classic ”Thunder Road”; Sept. 11 is the 1983 Mel Gibson, Sissy Spacek movie that was filmed locally ”The River”; Sept. 18 is the star studded 1989 comedy/drama ”Steel Magnolias”; and Sept. 25 is the original ”Oceans 11” starring Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack from 1960.