Under the big tent

Souls are being saved and prayers are being answered nightly during the East Tennessee Awakening tent revival in Rogersville.

ROGERSVILLE — At the end of the first week of the East Tennessee Awakening, the brilliant blue and white tent three miles west of Rogersville is just now garnering attention of many area residents.

Conversations in local area stores in Rogersville are asking, “who is doing the revival and who is sponsoring it? What denomination is it?”

Evangelist D.R. Harrison, from Voice of Hope Ministries (VOHMinistries.org) out of Greeneville, is conducting the crusade.

Brian Lester, Harrison’s logistics coordinator was quoted as saying “modern day American churches have reduced revival services to 3-5 day meetings. Our grandparents generation understood you have to bring a community together for God to revive the church and community.”

When asked what denomination sponsors this, Lester replied, “we don’t put a denominational title on it. The very first week, all the seats were put up as we had people from 113 local churches, 50 local pastors, and people had traveled from 8 states. The East Tennessee Awakening Tent is not about labels, but drawing on the hunger of our residents to see real, lasting revival in our nation again.”

When asked, what will people expect that attend, Lester answered, “old timey services like your grandparents enjoyed. Some times there is a choir, others we’ve had well known singing groups like “The Allens” from Louisiana or Friday “The Perrys” from Morristown. There is always a gospel driving message with a clear cut invitation extended to attendees to come to Christ or come back to Christ. When we begin to see the Holy Spirit work, we see people coming to Christ all the way up in their 80’s. We see people come to Christ who families have prayed for them for decades.”

When asked if anyone has questioned what happens to local offerings each night, Lester explained, “a local finance group headed by Patsy Courtney collects all donations and pays all bills. Voice of Hope doesn’t touch the money.”

Lester asked if he had any words of wisdom summing up the events? He said this is an invitation for everyone. He extended a challenge, “come see for yourself”.

Services are at 7:30 p.m. nightly, Monday through Friday, and don’t forget prayer is nightly at 11 p.m., although people are welcome any time throughout the day.

The tent is just a good place to do business with God for all types of things!