To Hawkins County residents: if you travel Melinda Ferry Road, you need to watch out. It is a state highway. There is a church, school, boat dock, and numerous farmers and families with children living on the road.

It’s name should be changed to: Melinda Ferry Speedway.

The top speed is 40mph. Dump trucks, tractor-trailers, motorcycle groups, pickup trucks and cars go 35-45 mph even in areas where the posted speed limit is 20 mph.

If you drive the speed limit, drivers ride your bumper and pass in areas that are unsafe. If you slow down to make a turn, they blow their horns and try to run you off the road before you get a chance to turn.

The state and county need to enforce the speed limit.

There are a lot of people who travel this road who don’t live on it, and they are litterbugs. It’s a shame the way they trash this highway. Every morning I have to pick up three or four pieces of trash out of my front yard.

The gravel trucks that go by here all day long do not use the tarps on the tops of their trucks and are always going fast. The tractor-trailers have to slow down to get around curves and you hear their air brakes all day long.

These things need to be corrected before someone is killed on this road.

I have seen at least five wrecks within a one-mile stretch of this road.

Thank you,

Dave Bowen