Somebody Loves Me, Inc. Assistant Director Joni Iley accepts $1,000 donation from First Horizon Foundation by Tanna Rainey, Banking Center Manager, AVP First Horizon Bank.

Somebody Loves Me, Inc. Assistant Director Joni Iley recently accepted a $1,000 donation from First Horizon Foundation.

Somebody Loves Me, Inc. is a 501©3 organization committed to helping those less fortunate across Northeast Tennessee, although he group orginated in Hawkins County.

“Our two largest programs focus on children living in poverty in our region,” Iley said. “The Clothing Our Children Program provides underprivileged school-age children in all 8 counties of Northeast Tennessee with shoes, clothing and personal care items year-round; and Our One Christmas Wish Angel Tree Program provides shoes, clothing and gifts for eligible children in need at Christmas. When children’s essential needs are not met, this can have a direct negative impact on their school success and our goal is to do our part in ensuring success for as many children in our region as possible.”

Someone Love Me conducted a community assessment to determine the unmet needs of children in our area.

Statistics showed that of the 34 elementary, middle, and high schools that participated in our survey, 2,944 children (21%) of the 13,962 enrolled were in need of shoes, clothing and/or personal care items. Another 29 Head Start centers also participated in our survey and 349 (67%) of their 523 currently enrolled students, were in need of shoes, personal need items, and clothing.

We also have clothing referral programs that provide clothing, shoes, and personal need items for adults and seniors that are in need as well as those affected by domestic violence. These programs are also for anyone in need in all 8 counties of Northeast Tennessee.

All members of Somebody Loves Me are unpaid volunteers. They rely on fundraisers and community donations to support their programs.

A silent auction fundraiser is currently underway at the Somebody Loves Me Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/somebodylovesmetn

First Horizon Foundation has provided philanthropic support to uplift and enrich our communities across the Southeast. With more than $100 million contributed, grants have been provided to reinforce the efforts of nonprofit partners and their programs and initiatives.