Howdy! How are y’all? Well and good I pray. I say Howdy everywhere I go. It’s my Northeast Tennessee roots coming out.

I am in Tampa with one of my daughter’s and two of my super cute grandchildren. Oh my lord-the things they say! I am constantly laughing myself silly. If you have grandchildren you understand the humor that they bring.

When I first got down here a few days ago, my daughter gave me a really, really gorgeous pair of Italian high heels. I was so excited i said, “Oh! These are SEXY! My daughter and granddaughter busted out laughing.

My granddaughter said when she wanted me to go somewhere with her, “Come on sexy grandma!” HaHaHa. I guess the idea of the grandma using the word sexy was hilarious to them.

I help my daughter out when I am here by running the kids across Tampa every morning to their school. Every morning we pass the stadium where the Tampa Bucs play. As we passed it yesterday, I told the kids, “Look! That’s where Tom Brady plays!”

My four year old grandson said, “No! that’s where you go to see monster trucks!” Sorry Tom Brady-right now my grandson is more impressed with the destruction and mayhem of monster trucks.

The other day on the way home from the Tampa Zoo we passed a building that had a small, perfectly made spaceship on the roof. I think the building was originally some sort of touristy building, but then it became a place of ill repute. There was a four foot flashing sign that advertised nude women. My granddaughter asked why they were nude.

I said I didn’t know, but that it was a bad place. My four year old grandson who was listening said, “Are the nude people in the spaceship?” Oh my goodness, I just cracked up.

So, those are a few conversations that I’m having with the little munchkins this week. It’s so cute, it should be against the law!! Until next time, have a good week, and have a literary week.