The Local Artists Gallery is very proud to announce the November Artist of the Month is Stephanie Brunelle.

Stephanie and The Local Artists Gallery would like to invite all of you to The Gallery to see her work and that of our other artists, she doesn’t plan to have a “Meet and Greet” but examples of her work can be viewed in The Gallery’s right storefront window starting Nov. 1, as well as the pieces she has on display inside.

We are very proud of Stephanie, she is an energetic and thoughtful artist and a very valued member of The Gallery. She can be depended on to provide support during special events, such as our recent Heritage Days, and she gives 110% always.

The Local Artists Gallery, 124 E. Main St, Rogersville, is open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

All items on display were produced by your neighbors from the area and everyone would love for you to stop by and visit. You will find a very interesting and broad spectrum of artwork, and you may find that special Christmas present you’ve been looking for.

When asked how she got started Stephanie replied:

“Have you ever known someone who couldn’t so much as draw a stick figure or a straight line? You can’t see it but my hand is up in the air, waving frantically … a grimace on my face.

As far back as I can remember, my creativity found other outlets; poetry, a columnist for a Morristown newspaper, the crafting of fantasy pieces. I have been a member of the Local Artists Gallery for roughly 9 years now.

I remember watching folks come and go, blank canvases in hand as they entered the studio to join in The Gallery’s painting classes … masterpieces shining as they walked out the door and I found myself wondering just what I could do if I would only attend those 2 hour, $10 classes where everyone painted their own thing.

As a major procrastinator and being a lot afraid of trying something new and failing … this literally went on for years. I finally climbed down from the fence, put my feet solidly onto the ground and marched myself into the studio, the hand holding that paintbrush shaking like a leaf.

It’s amazing what a person can do with encouragement and well aimed advice. They even provided the paint. I’m no longer “just” a crafter of fantasy pieces, I’m a crafter of paintings, and extremely glad of it.”