A dog that was rescued from a church dumpster last week in Rogersville will be ready to go home to a new loving home on Tuesday thanks to a local resident who has sponsored his adoption.

Around 5:30 a.m. last Friday, Oct. 8 Hawkins County Humane Society director Sandy Behnke and assistant manager Melissa Cooper were called out to retrieve a dog that was discovered inside the dumpster at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Rt. 70 across for the National Guard Armory.

“The dumpster people went the church and they were getting ready to empty the dumpster, when they heard a dog inside,” Behnke told the Review.

Those people then contacted the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office, which in-turn called the HCHS to come take custody of the dog. Behnke said the dog was very loving, and has one big black spot on his back, so they named it “Spot”.

“They rescued it from the dumpster, and this dog is so loving,” Behnke said. “It’s the most beautiful, cutest little dog ever. The dog had a collar and a leash on, and he was in the dumpster.”

Behnke added, “We’re just so thankful that they heard him before they emptied the dumpster. I don’t want to think about what would have happened to that dog if they’d emptied the dumpster with him in it.”

They think he is 1-2 years old, and Behnke said he was very happy to be taken the animal shelter.

Behnke said he was running around “giving kisses, putting his paws on your shoulders, and wanting to crawl up in your lap and lay his head in your shoulder.”

“All he wants to do is cuddle,” she added.

Spot was examined, given his shots, and wormed.

“I cannot understand how somebody could do this to this sweet baby,” Behnke said. “He is so full of love. Just so happy and so dang cute. We had a wonderful person Greg Bradley who heard about Spot’s story and he came to the shelter (Monday) and paid his adoption fee. Spot is now sponsored and ready for a forever home.”

Spot will remain on “stray hold” until next Tuesday (Oct. 19), after which he can be adopted free of charge to a good home courtesy of Bradley’s sponsorship.

The HCHS asks if anyone knows who put Spot into dumpster to report that person to the Sheriff’s Office at (423) 272-4848.

“We did get a phone call from someone who said it was his dog, but he never showed up, which was a little weird,” Behnke said. “He was frantic and said he and his neighbors got into an argument, and he thinks it’s his dog, but he hasn’t showed up.”