SNEEDVILLE — Two Hawkins County Sheriff’s Deputies who went to conduct a routine welfare check on a resident of Byrd Creek Road, which has a Sneedville postal address, ended up arresting the occupant on a trio of charges after he allegedly assaulted one of the officers with pieces of broken glass and then struck her with his fist.

Cpl. Eric Pease said that about 12:41 a.m. on June 28, 2020, he and another deputy were dispatched to an address on Byrd Creek Road to check on the welfare of Burgess Dwayne Murrell, 39.

At 289 Byrd Creek Road, the deputies encountered Murrell, standing in an empty mobile home, “busting the windows out of the residence with two large pieces of glass in his hands”.

“I spoke with Mr. Murrell and tried several times to get him out of the residence and drop the glass, at which, at one point he turned the two large pieces of glass on Deputy Stephanie Bolognese and started to charge at her ... in an aggressive manner,” Pease wrote, adding that he deployed a five-second burst from his phazzer, causing Murrell to drop the glass and fall to the floor. When that five-second burst was over, Pease said, Murrell grabbed another piece of glass and tried to strike Deputy Bolognese a second time, resulting in a second five-second phazzer deployment.

“Myself and Deputy Bolognese had a brief struggle with Mr. Murrell,” he wrote, adding that Murrell struck Bolognese “in the side with a closed fist”.

When Murrell was subdued, he was placed under arrest for:

• Aggravated assault;

• Assault on an officer; and,

• Resisting arrest.

A June 29, 2020 arraignment date for Murrell was set in Hawkins Co. Sessions Court.