Hawkins man charged with second-degree murder allegedly "became irate" moments before murder

Nathan Kendrick Lane

The 35-year-old Rogersville man who was charged with second degree murder following a Dec. 30 shooting on Burem Road allegedly became “enraged” moments before the shooting, according to the affidavit of complaint that was just recently released to the public.

On around 6:22 p.m. on December 30, 2020, the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint of a shooting at 1705 Burem Road in Rogersville.

While officers were enroute to the scene, dispatch advised that the victim, 25-year-old Jordan R. Pilcher, had been shot by 35-year-old Nathan Kendrick Lane and that Lane was still at the residence.

According to the report filed by HCSO Sgt. Sam Wilhoit, he and Deputy Bryan Sanders gave verbal commands upon arrival for all parties to exit the residence.

Lane was the first to exit the residence and was “quickly detained.” Next, Janice Lane and Jason Lane exited the residence. Janice Lane was listed on the report as a witness.

According to the report, Nathan Lane, Janice Lane, Jason Lane and Jordan Pilcher all lived together at 17005 Burem Road.

Once all three parties were detained, officers entered the residence and “found Pilcher lying on the floor in a bedroom to the left side of the residence with an apparent gunshot wound.”

Pilcher was unresponsive and CPR was administered until EMS arrived.

“A Remington 740 model 30-06 rifle was located on the bed in Nathan Lane’s bedroom, which appeared to be the one used in the shooting,” read the report.

Detectives and Coroner Warren Bishop were notified and took control of the crime scene. All parties were taken to the Sheriff’s Office for questioning.

The newly released affidavit of complaint also sheds further light on the incident.

“I arrived and processed the crime scene, recovering the rifle used, the spent casing, and used projectile which had exited Pilcher’s body,” HCSO Detective John Pruitt said within the affidavit of complaint. “At the sheriff’s office, Lane was read his Miranda Rights and interviewed, during which time he admitted that he became enraged and shot Pilcher with his Remington 30-06 rifle. Lane professed that he had not thought about shooting Pilcher before, that it was a spur of the moment action.”

Lane’s bond was set at $500,000, although Judge Todd Ross noted that if someone puts up Lane’s bond, a hearing must be held in Sessions Court before he is released. A preliminary hearing was tentatively scheduled for Jan. 13 in Hawkins County Sessions Court.