The 2020 4-H Tennessee Junior Livestock Exposition Sheep Show was recently held at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville, TN. Hawkins County had the following 4-Hers exhibit their sheep during the two-day event: Hunter Webb, Brayden Lawson, Mallory Cope, Fisher Webb, Breanna Miller, and Carrie Ruth Lawson.

During this event, 4-Hers exhibited breeding ewes, commercial ewes and market lambs while participating in Showmanship and Skill-a-thon contests. The breeding ewe show started out with Showmanship. In the senior level one division, Brayden placed fifth while Mallory placed seventh. Hunter Webb placed fifth in the Junior High Division. Fisher Webb and Carrie Ruth Lawson placed second in the Junior & Explorer Divisions.

In the Dorset breed, Breanna had a third place ewe and a first place ewe which went on to be the Grand Champion Dorset Ewe. Mallory Cope’s ewe placed first in its class and went on to become Reserve Champion Dorset Ewe and Champion Bred by exhibitor Champion.

Fisher Webb’s ewe placed fifth but went on to be Reserve Bred by Exhibitor. In the Dorset Advantage Breed, Breanna exhibited two ewes, each earning a first place award with one going on to be the Grand Champion Dorset Advantage ewe. Hunter Webb exhibited a ewe that placed third in its class. Mallory’s ewe placed second in its class and went on to become the Reserve Bred by Exhibitor Champion. Hunter Webb exhibited a Hampshire ewe that placed sixth in its respective class. In the Oxford breed, Carrie Ruth Lawson exhibited three ewes earning two first place and a second place.

Two of her ewes went on to earn Champion and Reserve Bred by Exhibitor Awards. Brayden Lawson exhibited four Southdown ewes each placing in the top 10 while Breanna earned one first place award, two second place, two third place, and one fourth place. In the Any Other Breed Category, Fisher Webb’s Horned Dorset placed second in its class.

In the market-type showmanship, each 4-Her could pick either a market lamb or commercial ewe to exhibit. Out of 32 exhibitors in the senior level one division, Mallory Cope placed seventh and Brayden Lawson placed tenth. In the Explorer division, Carrie Ruth Lawson placed second. In the Commercial Ewe Show, Hunter Webb exhibited a ewe that placed sixth while Fisher Webb exhibited one that placed fifth in their respective classes.

Brayden exhibited two ewes placing third and sixth place while Carrie Ruth had a first place finish with one of her ewes. Mallory exhibited four commercial ewes where she had two first place finishes; as well as a second and third place finish. Breanna Miller exhibited two commercial ewes where she placed first and second with the first place ewe going on to be Reserve Champion Farm Bred Commercial Ewe. During the Market Lamb Show, Brayden exhibited a fifth place Hampshire and a second place Southdown. Fisher exhibited a second place Dorset lamb that went on to be the Reserve TN Bred Dorset Market Lamb.

Carrie Ruth exhibited a third place Natural Colored wether, second in a black-face crossbred class, and first in the any other breed class. Breanna had two first place southdown market lambs where one went onto become the Champion Southdown and the Champion Tennessee Bred Champion. Breanna also exhibited two crossbred white face market lambs that each placed first in their class and went onto become the Champion and Reserve Crossbred White Face Champions as well as the TN Bred Champion and Reserve.

A skill-a-thon contest is also held during this state-wide show to determine the 4-H members knowledge of the animals they exhibit. They must identify different breeds of sheep, types of feed and equipment, and determine different health issues and diseases. Carrie Ruth placed sixth in the Explorer division while Mallory placed fifth in the Senior Level one division. Hunter, Fisher, and Brayden each participated in this contest.

Premier Exhibitor Awards are also given in each age division for each Breeding Sheep, Commercial Ewes, and Market Lambs. Both Mallory Cope and Carrie Ruth Lawson earned fourth place honors in their age group for both Commercial Ewes and Breeding Sheep. Congratulations to these 4-H members! These programs are offered to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, national origin, age, sex, veteran status, disability, or religion.