Government spending is out of control. Our national debt is now over $23 trillion, as of January 2020. It is time our representatives in Washington D.C. take our national debt seriously. This means Congress must stop wasteful spending. They need to stop spending on frivolous programs and start making important cuts so we can get our country back on the right fiscal track.

I am with Bill Hagerty for Senate because I know he will put a stop to the Democrats’ socialist agenda that would destroy our economy and increase our national debt to new highs. Just one example: Medicare for All, which is supported by every Democratic presidential candidate, would cost $32 trillion. We cannot afford all of the free lunches these Democrats are trying to hand out.

Our federal government needs to focus on making sure the national debt does not continue to rapidly increase. Bill Hagerty will work alongside President Trump to create a fiscally responsible budget that will support our military, provide valuable resources to our veterans, while also getting rid of the Democrats’ pet projects.

There has never been a more crucial time to elect a fiscal conservative like Bill Hagerty. Let’s send someone who represents our Tennessee values to Washington D.C. to drain the swamp of elites who vote to add to our national debt.

Joshua Russell

Church Hill