Blair Walsingham announces Congressional campaign in Tennessee’s First District

Blair Walsingham announces Congressional campaign in Tennessee’s First District

Blair Walsingham

Blair Walsingham recently announced her candidacy for Tennessee’s First District congressional seat, which is currently held by Phil Roe.

“I am an Air Force veteran, outdoorswoman, hobby farmer, homesteader, mother, and concerned citizen,” Walsingham said in her press release. “I’m not a career politician. I’m a patriot who sees urgent need. I’ve served my country before, and I’m stepping up to serve again.”


“I live on a little farm at the end of Pumpkin Valley Road in Hawkins County with my husband, Jacob, and four fantastic children and a pig named Truffaluffagus. Together, we care for our chickens, sheep, and horses. Every day, Jacob travels two hours each way to his job in Knoxville, and works hard to provide for our family. My two older kids go to the local public school, and my two younger kids are homeschooled.”


“I have always loved science, nature, hiking, and snow. I come from a family of gun enthusiasts and have been shooting since age 10. I’m an animal lover and considered being a veterinarian. I enjoy cooking as an expression of love and care. I am a do-it-yourselfer; I sew and craft and fix my own car. Most of all, I am a nurturer and protector and will put my heart and soul into the causes I believe are just.”


“I grew up as a military brat and lived in many places. My father Richard was in the Air Force, and my mother Theresa cared for me and my two younger siblings. My grandparents on both sides served on many fronts, including Vietnam. My dad taught me to work on cars and played video games with me. I got my first job as a veterinary technician at 14, and graduated a year early as Salutatorian of my class of nearly 2000 students. After graduation, I decided to follow in my family’s footsteps and asked my dad to sign the waver so that I could enlist in the United States Air Force at the age of 17.”

Hard Work

“From my first job at age 14, to raising four children and taking care of livestock, I’ve always worked hard. I have worked multiple jobs at a time my entire adult life.”

Military Service

“In the military, I learned the importance of teamwork and accountability. I learned how to be a leader and how to get things done.”

Return to Civilian Life

“After six years of service and an honorable discharge, I returned to civilian life to find that the deck is stacked against us:

I found that I have limited access to healthcare services in rural TN and no access to medical coverage, resulting in unpaid medical bills. I am a cancer survivor, and a relapse would be financially devastating to my family.

I found when I studied electrical engineering at a now-insolvent for-profit educational institution, I was encouraged, like many other students, to take out loans that I may never be able to repay for coursework that was incomplete and non-transferrable.

I found that when we bought our land in Hawkins County, about 3 years ago, the snow I was expecting in the mountains never fell, perhaps due to the changing climate.

I found that struggles like these, many of which you and your families face every day, start to break you down when you lose so many times.”

The following are Walsingham’s top issues:

Economic Security

  • Freedom Dividend (Universal Basic Income of $1000/month per adult citizen over 18)
  • Data as a Property Right
  • High Speed Internet in Rural Areas
  • Paid Family and Sick Leave


  • End Ballad Health Monopoly
  • Universal Access to Healthcare
  • Regulate Prescription Drug Prices
  • Solutions for Our Mental Health Crisis
  • Legalize Marijuana
  • Protect the Right to Bodily Autonomy


  • Increase Public School Funding
  • Individualized Education Options

Gun Safety

  • Protect the 2nd Amendment
  • Gun Safety Education
  • Require Gun Licensing


  • Protect Public Land and Water
  • End Plastic Pollution
  • Sustainable Energy Production
  • Farming Initiatives
  • Support and Reform
  • the EPA

Democracy Reform

  • Term Limits
  • Protect Voting Rights
  • Ranked Choice Voting
  • Democracy Dollars
  • End the Forever Wars

For more information, visit, call (865)-257-9855 or email

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