In a statement released this past week Summer Wells’ mother Candus Wells offered an explanation as to why she walked out of an interview with interrogation experts that was broadcast on the Dr. Phil Show on Nov. 11.

Candus stated that she and her husband Don had just been through a very emotional time due to a possible sighting of Summer which turned out to be a false alarm.

“It was not our daughter Summer,” Candus states. “It was like losing her all over again. The emotional circus already had us drained.”

After that false alarm took place Don and Candus still agreed to do the interview with Dr. Phil’s interrogation experts, although Candus didn’t want to.

She noted that her nerves were already frayed when, shortly before leaving for the airport to do the Dr. Phil interviews, a woman showed up at their home “trying to literally push her way in the front door with supposable evidence” which turned out to be false.

Police responded to their home and were dealing with that situation literally as Don and Candus left for the airport.

“So here we are in California, which didn’t want to do,” Candus states. “Why would I want to leave my house and yard where any possible day Summer might come running up the driveway. We went around and around (about whether or not to do the interview). Don kept reminding me it was to get Summer’s name out to the world. Maybe someone, after seeing her picture, might give the tip we needed. Finally I went, but it was on one condition. No one would interrogate me any more.”

Candus added, “Our main reason for going to Dr. Phil was to get national attention. … Don kept telling me this extra interview that day would help. I was drained. I didn’t want any interrogating questions. I was tired of everything. I was so tired of grief, fears, threats, lies, and trickery from people, and then the whole thing of the (false alarm) earlier. And she did look like Summer in many ways.”

Candus said that when the interrogation experts asked if she had anything to do with Summer’s disappearance they crossed the line, so she walked out.

“Outside I wailed,” Candus said. “There are no words. I was told by a friend I had made the supreme sacrifice for my daughter and that it was all over. No more. I was told by a friend that nothing more would ever be required of me. I didn’t care. I just want my Summer. I wanted all this insanity to end. I hated it all.”

Candus said she thought the interrogation experts were “insane” when they brought up the so-called “cornbread mafia”.

“My brain had nothing left to hear such a silly sounding thing at that moment,” she added. “Yes, maybe there is one. Or a sidekick of one. I don’t care. Don almost laughed. A friend said it sounds like a comedy sequel to the Beverly Hillbillies.”

As for Dr. Phil’s conclusion that Candus has “hidden memories” that might help locate Summer, Candus replies, “Maybe so”.

“I’m running my brain dry thinking,” she added. “… We toss out nothing that (the interrogation experts) said, or Dr. Phil. We want to find our daughter Summer. The amazing brilliant experienced men want the same thing. Maybe if there still is a cornbread mafia or whoever, maybe I will remember a detail. Or as Dr. Phil said, that I remember something I don’t know I remember.”