October 15

A Rogersville woman reported that she was attacked by a monkey in her driveway. The victim walking out to her driveway at night when the monkey jumped on her and tried to bite her. After attacking the woman, the monkey then jumped onto her vehicle. The officer observed handprints on the vehicle consistent with those of a monkey. Another neighbor reported having an encounter with the monkey. She used a stick to fend off the animal, but the monkey took the stick from her. The neighbor’s vehicle also had handprints on her vehicle. The monkey was reported to belong to a neighbor. Other residents in the area reported that this has been an ongoing issue for quite some time. After the officer was unsuccessful in contacting the alleged owner, he contacted the TWRA about the event for possible charges.

October 16

Tools, including an impact drill, saws all, chainsaw and three kerosene heaters were allegedly stolen from a Church Hill resident’s home. The two alleged suspects, while known by the victim, did not have permission to be on the property.

A Rogersville resident claims that a bicycle, a weed eater and other tools were stolen from her property after someone broke a lock on her storage door on her camper.

A Rogersville man reported that two chainsaws, two air mattresses and a 30 pound bag of dog food were taken when a storage building was repossessed. He alleges that there was a scheduled time for the building to be taken but that it was done before that scheduled time.

October 17

What began as a heated argument escalated to a fight between two Surgoinsville siblings that resulted in one sibling being hit in the face for stepping in to defend their father. The sibling received injuries to her face. Todd Cortlin Bellamy, the alleged primary aggressor, was arrested for domestic assault.

Wanda Wolfe, of Rogersville, was arrested by Hawkins County deputies for Aggravated Assault. The suspect entered the home of her ex-boyfriend and began an altercation with his ex-wife who was present in the home. Wolfe grabbed the victim by the hair, pulling hair out and was striking her in the face. She fled the scene but left behind a sandal with matched the one the suspect was wearing when she was apprehended.

October 18

The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office was called to investigate a domestic disturbance in Surgoinsville. The alleged victim stated that her spouse pushed her down and choked her after she went to get some personal items before leaving the property. The suspect was reported to have grabbed a rifle and went out the front door of the home as the victim was running to her son’s house next door. She reported hearing a gun shot. The suspect denied choking the victim but did admit to grabbing her by the shoulder to push her away from him. No injuries were observed on either individual according to the officer. The suspect had been drinking alcohol. He denies getting or firing the gun. The victim would not write a statement but expressed fear of the suspect to the officer. She was reported to be going to seek an Order of Protection.

Kimberly Stubblefield Hubmann, Rogersville, was arrested after she was observed to have a glass pipe used for smoking Methamphetamine. After a search of her purse, other Schedule 3 and Schedule 4 drugs were discovered. She was charged with Man/Del/Poss/Sell Methamphetamine, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Filing a false report, and possession of Schedule 3 and Schedule 4.

Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office was call in to assist the Rogersville Police Department with a shoplifter at Walmart. Lauren Elizabeth Lady of Spring City, TN attempted to flee the scene but was stopped and found in possession of a Hart 20V drill with battery and charger from Walmart. She was additionally found to be in possession of a scale, a torch lighter, a black zip case with straws. She was charged with Theft under $1,000.00, evading arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia.

October 19

After a traffic stop for a front seat seatbelt violation, officers arrested Devin Howard Catron, of Kingsport, and Daniel Dale Morgan, of Rogersville. Catron was found to have a half of a Hydrocodone pill in a red cigarette box as he was exiting the vehicle. After a vehicle search, a baggy containing Methamphetamine was found along with a metal pipe containing burn residue. The offer determined that these items were constructively in the possession of both individuals. Morgan and Catron were charged with Sale/De/Mnf/Poss Methamphetamine and Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia. Catron was additionally charged with Possession of Schedule 2.

October 20

A Rogersville man reported the theft of three catalytic converters from vehicles in his driveway. Two Saws All blades were found nearby. No arrests have been made.

Four horses were reported as stolen in Rogersville. The victim reportedly said that she was told by the alleged subject, known to her, that the horses were taken because he wanted more money for a trailer that he had sold to the victim in the past. This case remains open.

Amanda Michelle Pearson, Rogersville, was arrested by Deputy Winter for drug charges following a traffic stop for a front passenger seatbelt violation. Her passenger, Joseph Blair, had an outstanding warrant from Grainger County and was taken into custody. Pearson was questioned by Deputy Winter regarding drugs or drug paraphernalia being present in the vehicle. She was alleged to have reported that she was in possession of baggies and a meth pipe. During a vehicle search, she was reported to have been in possession of approximately 1.6 ounces of Methamphetamine, a glass pipe, a scale with a U.S. nickel, and a partial suboxone tablet. Additionally, she was reported to admit to having placed baggies within a body cavity. She was transported to the jail where twelve bags were removed from her body.

Brian Edward Honaker, Kingsport, was arrested for Public Intoxication after he was found passed out in the passenger seat of a still running truck. The property owner did not know who he was and contacted the Hawkins County Sheriff’s office. Deputy Newton encountered the suspect after arriving on the scene. Honaker was observed to have bloodshot eyes, pinpoint pupils, and alcohol on his breath. He was unaware of where he was and could not provide the full name of the driver of the truck when asked. No alcohol was found in the vehicle. He was transported to the Hawkins County jail.

October 21

A Bulls Gap resident reported the theft of two firearms from his home after he allowed a reportedly homeless woman to spend the night and to wash her clothing. He did not know the full name of the alleged suspect but reported that she is often seen at the “Dill Pickle” in Russellville and at the Shell Station across from the mall in Morristown.

Aaron Scott Crawford, Rogersville, was observed exceeding the posted speed limit sign and crossing the fog line and into a grassy area on the side of the road. During the traffic stop, it was determined that Crawford was driving on a revoked for DUI license. A search of the vehicle revealed nine syringes containing a clear liquid. Crawford was charged with Driving on a Revoked 3rd offense, speeding, improper lane usage and possession of drug paraphernalia.

October 22

Mackenzie Brooke Locke, Rogersville, was arrested for driving under the influence and speeding after a confirmed speed of 61 mph in a 30 mph zone. After she was stopped, she was observed to smell of alcohol and was asked to perform a field sobriety test. Locke consented to blood testing and was taken to the Hawkins County Rescue Squad building for a blood draw before being transported to the jail.