November 6

A Surgoinsville resident reported two cell phones stolen, and that one of those had secured cellular services in the resident’s name. The value of the cell phones was estimated at $800; the fraudulent opening of services could cost the resident an additional $1500.

November 9

A Rogersville resident contacted the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office to report graffiti painted on both sides of a building he owns. The neighbor reported that this happened sometime during the night of 11/7/2020. The damage was estimated to be $300.

Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office was contacted regarding a domestic assault in Church Hill. The female reported that the male had been cheating on her and when he ignored her, she tried to unplug a video game he was playing. She reports that he grabbed her by the neck and pushed her down. She then got a knife to go after him, threw it at him and then went outside. The male reports that she did try to unplug and throw his video gaming system and that he pushed her to keep her from doing that. He had a cut on his finger as a result of the known knife.

A possible theft was reported by a Rogersville resident after a stimulus check intended to go to the victim for the benefit of her daughter’s children who are in her custody was sent to another person. Attempts to obtain the check from this other individual have failed after multiple attempts to get the check.

Amber Lynn Jackson, Blountville, was arrested on a warrant for charges of Resisting Arrest, Evading Arrest, following too closely and Driving on a Revoked. She was transported to the Hawkins County jail for booking.

November 10

A resident of Edison reported that an intoxicated individual known to him came to his home and wanted him to come out and fight him; however, the individual left before a fight happened.

A Bulls Gap resident reported that theft of a 16 x 6 single axle trailer from his residence.

A resident of Bulls Gap reported the theft of Yamaha motorcycle between the hours of 4:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. He reported that there was no key for the motorcycle and that the fork seal was bad. An earlier theft of a utility trailer a few houses away could be related to this theft.

A resident of Rogersville reported a possible theft of a weed eater, impact drill, vehicle jack and mechanics tool in a red toolbox. He stated that he had given permission to an individual to remove/fix his vehicle in early October. The victim’s father-in-law reported seeing two individuals towing the red Jeep Liberty from the residence. They also reportedly had the tools and weed eater. The victim attempted several times to contact the individuals involved in the matter but has been unsuccessful in doing so.

A minor from Mount Carmel was arrested at the Church Hill Police department on a juvenile petition for unruly juvenile. The minor was transported to the Johnson City Juvenile Detention Facility.

November 11

A Mooreburg resident reported the theft of a 1995 Chevy Blazer. The vehicle was in non-running condition. After it was running, it was taken to the shop with the hope of selling it. The vehicle was noted to be missing since 11/9. The key was missing from the glove box of the victim’s truck, but the key was missing. The vehicle had not yet been register due to the fact that the victim was attempting to sell it.

The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to an aggravated assault in Church Hill. The victim reported that she and the other individual involved had been arguing over money, and that other individual had been drinking. As she attempted to leave the kitchen of the home, he hit her, and she fell to the ground. He reported that she fell because the flooring was slick. The victim was transported to Holston Valley Medical Center where she was determined to have a broken arm as a result of it being twisted too hard. The victim reports having messages on her phone admitting that he snapped her arm. A warrant was issued for Rodney French, Church Hill, for Aggravated Assault.

Two sisters were involved in a domestic matter in Surgoinsville that the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office had to intervene. Tina Conway, Surgoinsville, was charged with domestic assault after a verbal argument with her sister escalated to a physical fight. Another individual present on the scene reportedly got between the two sisters in an effort to stop the assault on the victim. He reported seeing Conway hit the victim’s hand and hit her face with her finger resulting in a scratch mark by the victim’s eye. Based on the observed injuries and the witness statement, Conway was arrested for Domestic Assault and an outstanding warrant for failure to appear and transported to the Hawkins County Jail.

Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched for a complaint of domestic assault of a Rogersville woman. She reported that she was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend, also of Rogersville, in the Hidden Valley Rd area before being driven to the Surgoinsville Market on Carters Valley Loop. When she attempted to exit the vehicle, reported that he grabbed her from behind and began to choke her. She was able to exit the vehicle and ran from the scene on foot. She was observed to have a small contusion on the right upper eyebrow and several slight red marks on her neck area possibly related to the physical altercation. Additionally, she reported that her wallet containing her ID, social security card, and food stamp card were in the vehicle. Attempted were made to contact the other individual involved for a statement but with negative results.

A Church Hill resident reported a possible burglary attempt at the residence of his father who had recently passed away. The complainant and his family were attempting to move items from the house. He was alerted by a neighbor that an unknown male subject was seen suspiciously looking in the windows and lingering around an outside heat pump. After the individual became aware that he was being watched fled the scene in a GMC pickup truck, maroon with a white front quarter panel. The victim was able to get a cell phone video of the vehicle’s TN registration. The report was filed for information and documentation.

A Bluff City resident reported several items stolen from a residence that he owned in Church Hill. The owner told HCSO that his sister had been living at the residence until about Nov. 1, and, between then and Nov. 10, someone had entered the vacant residence and taken two ceiling fans. He also had items stores in a yard barn on the property that were also taken during this time frame. These included rims and tires for a Nissan, mobile home anchor machines, home rollers and pan rollers, a tin cutter and an electric hammer drill among other tools.

November 12

A Rogersville resident reported telephone harassment and threats. She stated that she had received at least one harassing call per day in the last 10 days. She never answers the phone, but she hears the messages left on her machine. She told HCSO that the voice appears to be male and have a foreign accent. The last message stated “if they didn’t come up with what they wanted, they would be back with a gun.” Another message stated, “You have a dog? We know you have a dog.” The victim stated that she had received similar messages about six months ago. She left for a month, and the calls ceased but have now resumed. The victim has no suspects at the time.

Church Hill resident Rodney Dale French Jr. was arrested on a Hawkins Co. General Sessions Court warrant for domestic-related Aggravated Assault and was transported to the county jail.

November 13

Lenders Services in Rogersville reported a stolen U-Haul truck valued at $45,000. An employee told HCSO that the business had rented a truck to Gary Gillespie on Oct. 30 who stated that he only needed the truck for two days and paid for it. On Nov. 2, Gillespie came back in and paid again for one more day. The business now cannot contact or locate Gillespie and the truck has not been returned. The vehicle has been entered into NCIC.

A Rogersville resident reported that she had had an issue with Paypal and had a $500 charge for ‘Bitcoin.’ She contacted who she believed to be a Paypal representative who gave her a code to enter into her computer to start a “refund claim.” When she entered the code, she reported that her computer shut down and was “being controlled.” She asked the representative what he was doing with her computer, and he allegedly stated “not to worry” and to “smoke a cigarette.” She became suspicious and shut the computer down, but she was concerned that her information had been compromised.

Officers were dispatched to a residence on Melinda Ferry Road in reference to a stolen Chevrolet Blazer. When they arrived, they found the vehicle sitting in the driveway with Alan Myers in the driver’s seat and Deborah Lowe as a passenger. Lowe stated that she had been dropped off in the Mooresburg area and was homeless. She said that she found the Blazer a few days later with the keys in it. She took it but had no idea who it belonged to. A black and silver pipe “for ingesting narcotics” and a glass tube containing what officers believed to be marijuana was found in the console. Lowe stated that the items belonged to her. Both were arrested and charged.

20-year old Johnathon Welch of Bean Station was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, speeding, driving on a revoked/suspended license and reckless driving. When officers conducted a traffic stop, they could smell an alcoholic beverage from both Welch and his vehicle. An 18-pack of Natural Light was located in the vehicle with several containers missing. Welch also performed poorly on the field sobriety tests.

November 14

Deputies were dispatched to a Mooresburg address for an unwanted guest. Upon deputies arrival an “irate male” identified as Phillip Nichols was seen threatening shop workers and saying he was going to assault them. Deputies told Nichols to leave, and Nichols replied “I am not leaving, and I’ll whoop your your [expletive] too.” Nichols was arrested and taken to the county jail for booking.

27-year old Nakisha Lane of Kingsport was arrested in Surgoinsville and charged with public intoxication, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of Schedule III substance. Officers received a call about a silver Chevy Blazer driving at a high rate of speed and “all over the roadway.” Officers located Lane at a gas station and attempting to get into the car while “swaying on her feet.” Officers observed her to have “extremely slurred speech” but told officers she was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Officers located a pill bottle that was not prescribed to Lane and had been filled with 14 white round pills of Buprenorphine, but the bottle only contained four of the pills and a straw. Lane told officers that she had “snorted the pills.” Lane also had a prescription for her for Alprazolam filled with 21 pills, but the bottle had seven pills. An empty prescription bottle for Lane for Buprenorphine was also found in the car.

November 15

HCSO responded to a Rogersville residence in reference to a break in that had already occurred. The victim told HCSO that Daquion Carter had broken into his home the day before and stolen several items. The victim’s cousin was at the house asleep at the time of the break in. The victim stated that Daquion had made several threats to him via Facebook messenger.

31-year old Justin Stapleton and 36-year-old Jeremy Wilt were arrested when officers were dispatched to a Rogersville residence in reference to a male in the yard threatening a female. Stapleton and Wilt were seen sitting in a car outside the residence, and both males appeared to be handling objects below the officer’s line of view. Both males were detained without incident, and officers located a .38 revolver frame and six live bullets were found in driver’s door with the cylinder in the driver’s seat. A substance believed to be marijuana, straws and a clear glass pipe known “for the use of ingesting narcotics” and syringes were found in the car. Stapleton stated that the drug paraphernalia was his. Both men are convicted felons for past crimes.

48-year old Mark Anthony Bishop of Kingsport was arrested in Rogersville on a warrant. Bishop had outstanding warrants from Santa Barbara, California.