December 30

Deputies were dispatched to a Bulls Gap residence regarding a domestic assault. The wife reported that she and her husband had gotten into an argument about money and that he hit her on the right side of her face and threw her on the ground. She stated that he was yelling and cursing at her. The husband reported that they had been arguing but denied that he hit her. He stated that she tried to hit him, but he grabbed her hand to stop her and that she slid on the dog’s bed and fell. EMS was called to the scene; however, the wife refused to go to the hospital.

A Church Hill resident reported the theft of an Air Soft gun and a stimulus check valued at $730 from her residence. She suspected that three individuals who had been staying at the residence over the holidays took the items when they left to go to a different location. She figured out that they had the air soft gun and went to recover it. She reported that while she was asleep, they hacked into her phone and stole her stimulus money electronically with the use of a cloning application. The names of the suspects were provided to the deputies.

A Tarpine Valley, Rogersville, resident reported the theft of a Dremel tool, a cordless drill and a cordless saw (combined value of $500) from his outbuilding between December 28 and December 30. The door had been forced open.

Joshua Lee Hash, Kingsport, was arrested after Kingsport Police contacted the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office concerning an outstanding warrant for Aggravated Rape of a Child. Hash reported his full name to the deputy as being Joshua Lee Hash, but then provided the name, date of birth and social security number of another individual, Nicholas Bradford Calhoun. After a search through the jail booking system, an entry was found for Hash that showed distinctive tattoos that exactly matched those of the man suspected to be Hash. Hash was charged with Criminal Impersonation.

Melissa Paige Baird, Rogersville, was arrested for driving under the influence, driving on a revoked license, violation of financial responsibility, violation of light law and failure to maintain lane following a traffic stop. Baird was observed by the deputy to cross the yellow line into the passing lane and to cross the fog line. After the deputy was notified that she was driving on a revoked license, she was asked to exit her vehicle to perform a field sobriety test. She fumbled with her seatbelt and had a hard time opening the vehicle’s door. She did not have proof of insurance on the vehicle. A search of the vehicle following her arrest revealed two empty prescription bottle, one belonging to her husband and the other belonging to her daughter.

December 31

Nathan Kendrick Lane, Rogersville, was arrested and charged with Second degree Murder in the death of Jordan Ridge Pilcher. Deputies were dispatched to the address on December 30 after reports of shots being fired. They were notified that Pilcher had been shot by Lane while there were in route and that the shooter was still at the residence. All parties at the residence were asked to exit the house, and Lane was quickly detained. Pilcher was found with an apparent gunshot wound. A Remington 740 model 30-06 that appeared to have been used in the shooting was found at the residence.

Mark Anthony Ward, Bulls Gap, was arrested on an outstanding warrant in Jefferson County for worthless checks after deputies were dispatched to a Horseshoe Bend Rd address for a possible domestic assault. The female at the residence reported that they had gotten into an argument about his drinking. He had passed out on the couch and reportedly woke up angry and began making threats to the female and her child. She reported that he head-butted her and slapped her in the face. No bruising or marked were observed on her face by the deputy. Ward reported that he did get upset with her but that he only threw everything off of an ottoman. He reported that the only physical altercation occurred when she tried to hit him with her phone. Dispatch informed the deputy that Ward was wanted on a warrant out of Jefferson County, and he was then arrested and taken to the Hawkins County jail.