November 4

A Rogersville resident reported being assaulted at his residence after the suspect claimed the victim owed him money. A fight ensued between the two, with the suspect hitting the victim in the eye and mouth. The victim reports trying to drive away from the assault and saw the suspect fall to the ground. The suspect reported that the victim tried to run over him with the car and appeared to have a broken ankle and road rash along his right side. The victim did not wish to prosecute.

The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office was called to a Rogersville residence on a domestic violence complaint. The victim reports that she was in bed when the suspect came into the room and began hitting her in the face, leaving her with a black eye and broken nose. The Deputy observed defensive bruising on her left and right forearm where she raised her hands to shield her face. Two minor children of the suspect, who were in the room were not harmed.

A Bulls Gap resident reported the theft of a mattress, valued at $600. He reports that he purchased the bed while he was living with the alleged suspect and when he moved out she would not return the bed. She has since moved and the victim did not have her address or phone number.

November 5

A Bulls Gap resident reported that theft of John Deere walk-behind mower, valued at $1,100.

November 6

A resident of Church Hill contacted the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office to report contractor fraud after the contractor had been given a total of $1,300 to place an air conditioning unit in an outdoor garage in September 2020 but failed to install the unit. When contacted by the victim, the contractor advised he would return the month the first of November. Further attempts to made contact with the suspect have been unsuccessful because he now has a non-working telephone number.

November 7

A resident of Eidson reported that she received an unemployment card in the name of her husband; however, the address was for another individual. Her husband did not apply for unemployment and did not know anything about it until the card was received.

A resident of Church Hill reported a domestic assault by her estranged spouse. She reported that he pulled her by the hair while driving down the road. No signs of this assault were seen by the deputy. The estranged spouse reported that he had a video of how she was acting on the way back to the residence. No evidence of the hair pulling was observed in the video.

November 8

Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office was called to a domestic call in Eidson involving a fight between a father and his son. The victim’s wife tried to waked up her sone to ask it he would go to church with her. The son began to yell at his mother, the father went into the room to see what was going on. When the father intervened, a fight began between the two men with the son punching him in the face and chest, then began choking him until he lost consciousness. Another resident of the house reported pulling the offender off of the victim to keep him from being hurt worse than he already was. The suspect had left the house before the deputy arrived.

A fight involving Surgoinsville sisters over a cell phone cord. One reported that her sister picked up a stick and attempted to hit her; however, the other sister denies that she attempted to hit her. The matter was referred for private prosecution.