January 16

A Bulls Gap resident reported the theft of a firearm that had been in his vehicle. He reported that his nephew was working of the vehicle January 14-15, and the owner observed that the gun was missing on 1/16. He believed that his nephew, who is a convicted felon, took the gun to a pawn shop.

January 17

Sheriff’s deputies were called to a Rogersville residence in reference to an aggravated assault. The victim reported that another individual living at the residence retrieved a gun after an altercation and threatened to kill her and “everyone around here”. He threw the gun at her feet before leaving the residence. The deputy observed a shotgun lying on the living room floor. There were no rounds in the weapon. The victim reported that there had been other incidents where he had threatened her with a gun before. CJ Trent, Rogersville, was arrested for aggravated assault and transported to the Hawkins County jail.

January 19

A Rogersville resident reported that an individual known to her has been posting harassing and disparaging messages about her and her daughter on Facebook. Harassing posts have also been made concerning other family members and she was ready for the posts to end. She was referred to the Office of the Clerk to pursue private prosecution and to obtain an order of protection.

A Tazewell resident contacted the Sheriff’s Office after receiving information that someone had attempted to get a credit card through Amazon, a loan through Speedy Cash, and other multiple loans with his personal information. He believed that his ex-wife is the one attempting to open the accounts.

A resident of Rogersville reported that she received a debit card in the mail that she had not applied for. She contacted the bank that issued the card and was told that the account had 36 cents in it. They referred her to the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office.

In mid-December, a Rogersville resident ordered two cell phones and ear beds from eBay. One set was delivered on December 26 but the other did not. The complainant then attempted to contact eBay to resolve the issue. He was advised by an individual, “Max Henry”, to obtain gift cards in $200 increments and to send the money to him in order to obtain a refund. “Max” continued to ask for more money with the total eventually being approximately $1,000-$1500. Max called while the deputy was present at the residence, and the deputy spoke to him. He advised that more money would not be paid. The subject had a foreign accent, possibly from India or Pakistan. The victim was advised to follow up with Paypal or eBay and to not send any more money.

A Rogersville resident reported the theft of a fifth wheel camper and gave the individual he purchased it from until January 12 to remove her belonging from it so he could more it. The victim was notified that the seller had removed the camper from the lot. He attempted to contact her in order to resolve the issue, but she would not reply. The seller then contacted him through Facebook Messenger and asked to speak with his daughter about the camper. He asked where the camper was, and the seller reported that she had moved it “up the valley” but would not provide the location.

January 20

Devon Matthew Hamilton, Surgoinsville, was arrested following a traffic stop after a deputy observed him run a red light at Payne Ridge Rd at Carters Valley Rd, Church Hill. The deputy observed that the vehicle did not have a registration on it. While attempting to conduct the traffic stop, Hamilton accelerated in an attempt to elude the deputy. He was driving 60 mph. After finally coming to a stop, Hamilton apologized for trying to outrun the deputy but reported that he was trying to go get tags and insurance on the vehicle. He was placed under arrest and charged with Evading Arrest by Motor Vehicle, driving unregistered vehicle on roadway, violation of financial responsibility, speeding 21 miles over the limit and stop sign violation.