December 22

A Rogersville resident reported possible fraud regarding transactions on her checking account. She reported that she had written a check for $25.00 to her granddaughter, which she deposited electronically to her account. The fraud likely happened electronically with a total of ten checks totaling $10,500 being sent through the victim’s checking account. The banking institution was notified of the strange transactions. All of the transactions other than the $25 check to her granddaughter were unauthorized.

Brandon Matthew Walker, Rogersville, was arrested for driving under the influence and driving on a revoked/ suspended license. He was observed by an off-duty reserve deputy to be driving and unable to maintain his lane. After he was stopped, he was noted to have slurred speech and admitted to having taken Subutex, Clonazepam and Neurontin. He consented to a field sobriety test. He was placed under arrest. He consented to a blood draw which was done before he was transported to the Hawkins County Jail.

A resident of Rogersville reported that his electronic gate opener was damaged by an unknown person. Video showed that there was a white Yukon Denali with tinted windows went up the driveway at 11:12 a.m. and came back down the driveway 14 minutes later. The victim believes that nothing was stolen but that the gate opening sustained approximately $600 worth of damage.

Deputies were dispatched to a Rogersville residence for a verbal domestic assault. The male reported that he had gotten into an argument with his wife and denied that an assault took place. The female reported that she was held down but was immediately let go. She did not have any signs of an assault. She was advised on the steps to secure an order of protection

December 23

Deputies were called to a Church Hill residence on a domestic assault complaint. The female reported that the male was “having an episode” and threw an object at his that allegedly struck her in the back. The male reported that she kicked in his bedroom door and that scratched his arm. The primary aggressor could not be determined.

A camper belonging to a Surgoinsville resident was reported as vandalized. All of the glass windows were broken out and a flat screen TV and light were noted to be missing.

Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the scene of an injured male, who was hiding in the woods in Mooresburg. The victim was found hiding under some trees, calling out for help. He had hidden because he was in fear for his life after an assault. He was noted to have been hit on the head and had a left leg injury that prevented him from being able to move. Additional EMS and manpower were called in to help with transporting the victim to the hospital. The victim’s father reported to the deputies that the victim had checked himself out of the hospital and refused treatment. Witness statement report that the victim had started a fight with another male over a girl. The other male began to defend himself after they started a fist fight but later grabbed stick to strike the victim. Because the victim refused treatment at the hospital, there was no way to document the seriousness of his injuries.

December 24

Nicole Madison Norris, Church Hill, was arrested for public intoxication, possession Schedule 3 and possession of drug paraphernalia after she was initially observed walking in the roadway. She reported to the deputy that she owned the United States and that there were people after her. She did not know how she arrived at the location. She was noted to have slurred speech and unable to stand without swaying. A blue bag containing a white bag and two other blue bags with white residue were found. She reported that she had Subutex in her wallet that she was holding. She was transported to the jail.

Deputies were dispatched to a Church Hill residence on a report of a stolen car. A neighbor had gotten the tag number for the black truck that came onto the property. The vehicle was located in Church Hill along with the two males who took it. They reported that they were told the vehicle belonged to another individual and that she said they could have it. They did not have a bill of sale or any other paperwork regarding the vehicle. Clifford Carl Lawson, Jr. and Michael Scott Haley were both arrested for possession of stolen property.

A Church Hill resident reported damage to his property when a UPS driver pulled into his yard. He confronted the driver asking if he was going to pay for the damage done to his property. He reported that the driver got an attitude and threated to come back to the house after he got off work. The resident contacted UPS and filed a complaint.

A resident of Church Hill contacted the Sheriff’s Office regarding a domestic disturbance. The female reported that the male became violent and started yelling and screaming after she asked for the phone back because he was being rude. She stated that he grabbed her by the arm, pulled her out of the truck and hit her in the head. He then left the residence. She did not wish to pursue charges.

December 25

Benjamin Taylor Ryans, Afton, was arrested after he was observed by the deputy as leaving the roadway and striking a mailbox. After a traffic stop, the deputy noticed the smell of alcohol and asked Ryans to step out of his vehicle. During a pat-down, a metal tube with a white powdery substance was found. Consent was obtained to search the vehicle. A clear container that had two and a half suboxone pills was found under the driver’s seat. There were also open and unopened cans of beer found on the back floorboard of the vehicle. Ryans performed poorly on standardized field sobriety tests, refused to consent to a breathalizer or blood draw and was placed under arrested for driving under the influence. Violation of implied consent, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of Schedule 3.

A Mooresburg resident alleged that her wallet and its contents where taken from her residence on Christmas eve. The other resident of the property reported that she stole a cellphone and a Roku box were stolen from the home. Both parties deny the allegation.

December 26

Deputies were dispatcher to Old Highway 11 in Rogersville in reference to a complaint of a dog attacking their chickens. Two small white dogs were seen in the chicken coop. Two dead chickens were observed by the deputy, and four other chickens were missing. The dogs got into the coop by getting through the wire, then breaking off the side door of the coop. The dogs ran toward the lake where someone had been camping for a while. They did not wish to press charges. The deputy made contact with an individual who has two dogs matching the description and was advised of what the dogs had done.

December 27

A Church Hill resident reported that her neighbor’s dog came onto her property and killed her Maltese pug. The owner of the other dog was contacted. He reported that he had his animal on a leash, but the dog broke free and ran off. He advised that he handle restitution to the deceased dog’s owner.

Matthew William Thompson, Mosheim, was arrested following a domestic assault. The victim reported that he had gotten drunk and wanted to driver the family vehicle. She took the keys to keep him from driving drunk. He grabbed her and pushed her to the ground. He then grabbed an axe and began hitting the truck and broke a sink with it. Thompson was noted by the deputy to be very intoxicated.

Joshua Michael Mallam, Morristown, was arrested for domestic assault x2 and resisting arrest after deputies were called to a Rogersville residence. The victim advised that Mallam had assaulted his and was currently in the residence with his girlfriend, who is the mother of Mallam. Yelling and noises as if someone was throwing or punching things were noted as coming from the residence. He had shown up at the residence intoxicated and began to scream, yell and call her names. Mallam hit the male homeowner after he was asked to leave. He was advised by the deputy that he was being detained, and then he pulled away but was taken to the ground without incident.

December 28, 2020

Rebecca Faye Sims, Rogersville, was arrested following a traffic stop after she was observed to be crossing over a double yellow line. She reported that she had a pistol in her purse. She was found to be driving on a suspended license. She consented to a vehicle search. She began to act evasive during a pat-down and was seen removing something from her jacket pocket. She refused to give it to the officer when requested to do so. She was later placed in handcuffs and the item, a wallet, was removed from her hand. It was found to contain 6 white suboxone pills and a baggy with drug residue. She was charged with driving on a suspended, resisting a stop/halt/frisk, possession of a Schedule 3, and possession of drug paraphernalia.