December 3

A Mooresburg resident reported that he believed his home was robbed by an individual known to him because that was the only person he let into his home. The homeowner indicated that the individual did some work around the property for him. Taken were a Hawk Muzzleloader and a Dewalt took kit box. He believes that the individual has gone to South Carolina.

December 7

Two storage barns were reported have having been broken into while the Rogersville homeowner was out of town. Various tool and fishing gear were found to be missing, with an estimated value of $2000.

Sheriff’s deputies reported to a Mooreburg residence for a possible domestic matter. The separated spouses got into an argument while the husband was bringing the children to his wife. She reported that he grabbed her face and took her phone. He entered her parents home, where she is residing without permission and would not allow her to leave. He reports that there was an argument and that she hit him in the face. No marks were observed on either party.

Paul Herbert Hall, Church Hill, was arrested for possession of Methamphetamine after deputies were called to a Church Hill residence for a domestic disturbance. When asked if he had any weapons on his person, he reported that he had knives and a needle in his pocket. A search revealed a needle, a small black tie string bag containing 3.23 gm of a crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine. Hall claimed that he found this items in his truck that day. He was arrested and transported to the jail.

James Reed Almond, Geary, OK, was arrested in Bulls Gap for public intoxication, criminal trespassing and resisting arrest after he was found in his vehicle stuck in the mud in the driveway of a home. When approached by a neighbor, Almond reported that the property was his. When law enforcement arrived, he appeared to be talking to people who were not present. He told the officer “this is holy ground b” and that he was there for an inmate Bible study. He was asked to step out of the vehicle and did so. He resisted commands by the officer to place his hands behind his back. He was quickly controlled by the officer and placed in hand restraints.

December 8

A suspicious individual was observed walking around a Bulls Gap residence. This individual was gone from the scene by the time deputies arrived. The homeowner reported that a Black and Decker drill was missing from the property.

Theft from a motor vehicle and damage to the vehicle was reported in Rogersville. The owner reported that the car had been left at a residence where he had been staying while he was staying at a motel. He left that residence because of conflicts with another individual residing there. The vehicle was observed to have broken tail-lights, a front left windshield wiper broken off and a front left tire that appeared to be punctured. An air soft gun that was located in the trunk had been removed. Various other items of personal property were noted to be wet. Clothing was noted to have been removed from the residence as well. All parties potentially involved in this matter were no longer living at the residence.

A Siler City, NC resident reported that in July she sent a Mooresburg resident $600 through her Paypal account for an AKC registered American Terrier. She never received any messages regarding pick up of the dog. The suspects have blocked her phone number and she can no longer make contact with them.

An Eidson resident reported that his neighbor’s cows have been coming onto his property and causing damage. In the past he wrote a letter requesting that the fence be repaired but this has not happened. The resident was advised to call dispatch the next time the cows were out.

Shannon Dale Herron, Church Hill, was arrested for Possession of Schedule 2, possession of drug paraphernalia violation of financial responsibility and driving on a revoked. Herron had previously had his license revoked for a DUI. A glass smoking pipe was observed in the passenger door in plain view. A clear baggy of white powdery, crystalline substance was located on the ground in the area where Herron and his passenger, Mary Tracey Foster, were standing. Foster also had possession of a cut straw with white residue. Foster was arrested for Possession of Schedule 2 and possession of drug paraphernalia. Both were transported to the jail.

December 9

Joey Lee Williams, Surgoinsville, was arrested for Possession Sched 2 and possession of drug paraphernalia following a traffic stop. In a pat-down search, the deputy found a container in a small baggy containing .1 of methamphetamine. The driver reported that he had recently began using meth. He reported that he had a glass meth pipe which was found on the passenger seat. He was given is Miranda rights and was transported to the jail.

Matthew Caleb Howard, Chattanooga, was arrested following an MVA. He was walking on the side the road and told the law enforcement officer that he was driving faster than he should have and could not make the turn onto the road. He reported that he had been drunk before he left Chattanooga and drove to Rogersville, the trip taking three hours. He reported that he stopped along the way and drank five 22-ounce beers. He submitted to field sobriety testing, which he told the officer he could not complete. He submitted to a breath test which was .139. he was transport to the jail charged with Due Care and Driving under the Influence.

Austin Slade Ramsey, Kingsport, was arrested following a traffic stop for speeding and an expired registration. He was found to be driving on a revoked for DUI license. He was placed under arrest. Before an inventory search of the vehicle, the officer observed the odor of marijuana. Ramsey reported the presence of drug paraphernalia under the seat. A bag containing a marijuana pipe, cut straws, and three glass meth pipes were found. Ramsey was arrested for Driving on a Revoked for DUI and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Terry Lee Southern, Morristown, was arrested for Manufacture, delivery, sale or possession of Methamphetamine, simple possession marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving on a revoked license. Deputy Allen reported smelling marijuana coming from a vehicle in front of his through his partially opened window while traveling East on Highway 11E. The vehicle directly in front of him pulled onto Harmon Street and pulled into the first driveway. The odor of marijuana was no longer present after that vehicle left the roadway. The officer turned around and observed the vehicle, backed into a driveway with its lights off. The officer pulled in front of the vehicle and asked Southern if he was lost. Southern smelled of marijuana on his person and his breath. When asked where the marijuana was, he indicated that he threw it under the vehicle, and then retrieved it for the officer. More marijuana was reported by Southern being in a small plaid bag on the passenger floorboard. It contained 13.8 gm of marijuana and 3.5 gm. Methamphetamine. During a pat-down search, he was found to have $950 in his right front pants pocket. An in-depth search of the vehicle revealed a bag of peach tings that contained methamphetamine weighing 2.22 ounces. A marijuana pipe and rolling papers were also found in the vehicle.