December 31

Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a Mooresburg address for a possible domestic assault. The victim reported that her daughter, Tori Ann Epps, was inside the residence and extremely intoxicated. She was arguing with her brother about getting a job application. During the argument, the daughter began to throw things around and toward her mother. She also rushed toward her mother trying to hit her. The daughter reported to the deputy that she was drunk and that no one would leave her alone. She reported that her mother made her act the way she did. The deputy felt that probable cause existed for Epps to be charged with Domestic Assault, and she was taken to the jail for booking.

January 3

Deputies were called to a Church Hill residence for a possible domestic assault. The victim stated that she and her husband got into a verbal argument that escalated. He then punched her in the ribs and placed her in fear. The deputy observed that the victim’s shirt was torn from where she tried to get away from him. The suspect, Eric Weston Barton, Church Hill, was placed under arrest for Domestic Assault. After he was informed of his Miranda rights, he admitted that he had hit her.

January 4

A Kingsport resident called to report telephone harassment by her ex-husband. He was messaging her son telling him that change was coming. She has had an active order of protection in the past as he had threatened her with guns. She made this report in both Sullivan and Hawkins counties.

The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office was called to a Rogersville residence for a domestic assault matter between siblings. The female reported that her brother had been threatening her, backing her into the counter. She then produced a knife in order to protect herself. After the altercation was over, she was sitting on the front porch with her brother who suddenly attacked her, punching her in the face multiple times. She was observed to be bleeding and have abrasions on her face and neck. A witness corroborated that female’s statement.

A Big Hill Road, Mooresburg resident reported the theft of a 12-foot utility trailer, a generator, battery charger, boat batteries, and assorted hand tools, valued at $2,005, from his home. He last recalls seeing them at 8 PM on 1/3. The name of an individual possibly involved was provided to the deputy.

A backpack was reported stolen from a vehicle that was left on the side of the road after it broke down on January 2. When the Rogersville resident owner returned, she noticed that the front passenger side went was broken and that the backpack was gone.

A Bulls Gap resident reported the theft of a Mongoose mountain bike from his residence. He told deputies that he received a message from an individual asking if he still had his bike. When owner went to look, he discovered the bike was missing. Security cameras showed a younger male walking up at 2:53 AM and pushing the bike from behind the residence. The male on the video resembled the individual who called inquiring about the bike.

A resident of Rogersville contacted the Sheriff’s Office in order to give a statement about a domestic assault matter that occurred on January 2. He reported that he was present when an individual who was arrested for domestic assault. He reportedly got into a doorway to keep the person from the individual she had already assaulted. The individual then threatened to kill that person and to kill him as well during the course of the altercation. A video shown to the deputy supports the statement. The victim wanted his statement on the record through the Sheriff’s office.

January 5

A Carters Valley Road resident contacted the Sheriff’s Office in order to report ongoing harassment and stalking. The victim reported going on a date one time in October with a named male but did not wish to see him again. He appeared at her residence in mid-December trying to persuade her to resume the relationship. Since that time, she has received multiple phone calls and text messages that have begun to be threatening. She has instructed the male to stop contacting her and blocked his number from her phone. However, he has now begun to contact her mother making threats to remove the victim’s children from her and to cause her bodily harm or death. She was referred to the Office of the Clerk to pursue an order of protection.

A Bulls Gap resident reported an automobile burglary. Items taken included cash, a stun gun, cigars and a metal cigarette case with a total value of $75.00.

After attempting to make an unemployment claim on this date, a Rogersville resident, was told that she had already made a claim with her personal information. The victim reported receiving a call on December 18 stating that another individual had a notebook containing people’s information that was being used to file for unemployment. The name of the possible suspect was provided to the deputy.

A resident of Rogersville reported a possible trespassing by an individual known to him. The individual had been caught on the property on previous occasions and told not to come back. The individual was determined to have an outstanding warrant in Hawkins County and was arrested. He admitted that he was not allowed on the property and hides his vehicle from his father.

January 6

A Kingsport resident reported that three vehicle she had parked at a Church Hills residence were sold or going to be sold by another individual. The house where the parked vehicles were belonged to a third party whose house there had burned down. The property was alleged to have been sold by the Hawkins County Clerk’s Office without notifying her or the property owner. The current owner of the property reportedly told her that the vehicles were on his property and that he could sell them if he wanted to do so. She made the report at the advice of her attorney.

January 7

A Rogersville couple contacted the Sheriff’s Office when their son, who had been drinking, got into an argument that turned physical after he kicked a hole in a wall. William Starnes Davidson, III then got a shotgun from a gun safe and told his parents that he would shoot up the house. His mother ran from the house but heard two shots from inside the house. Her husband was still in the house. He reported that the son shot the gun into the kitchen twice and was screaming for his father to give him the farm or her would destroy the house. He had left the house prior to the deputies arrival on the scene. Two deputies observed him across the street in an abandoned family home. He was found in the attic area of that home and came out without incident. Davidson was arrested for two counts of aggravated domestic assault and vandalism.

Joshua Anthony Layne, Church Hill, was arrested for sale/del/mnf/ possession of methamphetamine and shoplifting after he was observed by the clerk at the Quick Stop 12 removing items from the shelves and going out of her sight. She reported that he appeared intoxicated. He had been acting suspicious and could be heard making snorting sounds in the bathroom. After the deputy made contact with Layne, he reported that he had not taken anything from the store and began to voluntarily empty his pockets without being asked to do so. He removed an item from his pocket and attempted to hand it to his mother, who was standing beside him. She backed away from him and he dropped a bag containing approximately 1.5 grams of methamphetamine to the ground. He was placed under arrest. He was also found to have a pack of batteries taken from the store and not paid for. After being informed of his Miranda rights, he reported that he had the money to pay for the batteries and if it was such a big deal he would just pay for the item.