November 20

A Surgoinsville resident reported that she had a camera taken from her home on Old Stage Road. The deputy determined that another individual had possession of the camera. He reported that another individual had reportedly bought the camera along with a Bay It home security system camera. The memory card in the camera had photographs of the victim on it. The deputy took possession of the camera and returned it to the victim.

A victim in Rogersville contacted the Sheriff’s Office to report that her car had been “egged” between the hours of 6 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. She does not know who would have thrown the eggs.

A resident of Rogersville reported that her 2007 Honda Accord has been stolen from her driveway. She was unsure of who would have taken it but feels that she may know the offender.

A Sneedville resident reported that her 1998 Honda Civic stolen. The vehicle was being used by her son for his job in Mooresville. After he was finished, he walked to a family member’s house nearby. When he returned the vehicle was gone.

November 21

Deputies were called to a Bulls Gap residence regarding a possible domestic assault. The complainant indicated that she had contacted law enforcement the previous night when the offender was threatening her with a bread knife, saying that he was going to kill her. On this date, he allegedly said he was going to kill her. The victim locked herself in the residence and waited to law enforcement to arrive. The offender has been off of his medication and refuses to take it. Charles Osborne, Bulls Gap, was arrested for domestic assault and transported to the Hawkins County jail.

A possible stolen vehicle was located by the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office. The vehicle was found at the home of the legal husband of the victim. No charges were filed. The vehicle was towed and placed on hold until the proper owner could be determined.

Timothy Shane Osborne was arrested for Possession of Meth, Possession of a Schedule 6, and Possession of Drug paraphernalia after a traffic stop. Osborne was observed to the in the backseat of the vehicle trying to shove something under the front passenger seat. The driver gave consent for the vehicle to be searched. The deputy found a plastic container that contained .5 grams of a crystal rock-like substance, believed to be Meth, four separate baggies containing what was believed to be marijuana, and a clear plastic vial with crystal rock residue. Osborne admitted that the drugs were his. He was arrested and transported to the jail for booking.

Steven Marcel Fain, a resident of Kingsport, was arrested following a traffic stop. He was observed by the deputy to be swerving all over the road. Fain had the smell of alcohol on his breath and was observed to have a greenish powder substance in and around his right nostril. He admitted to drinking a beer. When he exited his vehicle, he was unsteady on his feet. He noted that he had some pills that he had gotten from a friend for anxiety. The field sobriety test was not completed because he was so unsteady on his feet. Fain consented to a vehicle search that revealed a bottle with one and one-half Xanax bars in the cupholder. He consented to a blood draw for chemical testing before being transported to the jail.

November 22

Claude Michael Hopkins, Bulls Gap, was arrested for domestic assault. Deputies were dispatched to the residence for a possible assault. When they arrived, they heard a male screaming and shouting inside. Hopkins appeared very intoxicated and admitted that he had been drinking heavily. Two small children were seen in the house. Hopkins was taken out of the residence by one deputy while the other spoke with the children and the alleged female victim. She indicated that he had been threatening her and was concerned that in his intoxicated state he would possibly follow through on those threats. Both children present indicated that they were in fear and in fear of the threats he was making toward the victim. Hopkins was arrested and transported to the Hawkins County jail.

A Rogersville resident contacted the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office with a complaint of a domestic assault. He reported that his ex-girlfriend saw him with another girl. The ex-girlfriend then showed up at his residence, opened the driver’s door of his van and backhanded him in the mouth. When he told her he was calling 911, she grabbed his cell phone and threw it into the yard. It was raining at the time. There were no visible signs of assault. The offender had left the scene before the deputies arrived.

A Eidson resident reported the theft of a television. He stated that he had given a ride to an individual known to him, and that the individual was asking questions about things in the victim’s house. When the victim returned to the residence later, he noticed that his back door was open and the television was missing.

A Surgoinsville resident reported identity theft after he was notified by a Walmart in Springfield, MA that his order had arrived and was ready for pickup. The store reported that the payment was made with a Discover card. The victim indicated that he had never applied for a Discover card. It appeared that someone had obtained the victim’s name and was able to open credit cards in his name. The victim is reporting for insurance purposes. He was advised to contact law enforcement in Massachusetts to determine if there was a video of the person attempting to use the cards.