November 30

A Rogersville resident contacted the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office after an attempted home invasion. She reported that she was, a white male run up her driveway and onto her porch. She opened the door with a pistol in her hand and told the individual to leave her property. He then attempted to push past her into the house, saying that he was looking for a guy in a red car that he knew was there. She again showed him her weapon and told him that she would shoot him if he did not leave. He ran from the property, got into a dark Toyota Camry and left the scene. He was reported to be about 6’ tall, 185 pounds with a dark scruffy beard, wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans.

Deputies were dispatched to the Dollar General in Surgoinsville on a complaint of a female passed out in her car. After she was awakened, she was noted to be having trouble answering questions, communicating, spelling and giving her name in the correct order. She consented to a search of her vehicle which revealed a prescription of eight methadone bottles. Melissa Paige Baird, Rogersville, was arrested for Public Intoxication and transported to the jail.

A Rogersville resident reported property damage after a minor driving a vehicle left the roadway and struck his house. The driver of the vehicle reported that the homeowner came out of his house with a shotgun, pointed it at him and told him that he “should shoot you”. The resident reported that he did have a firearm that was fully loaded but he did not point it at the minor.

December 1

A Rogersville resident reported the theft of his 2006 Kubota RTV valued at $8,000 from his home. He observed a GMC or Chevy with new red paint leaving his driveway with someone driving the side by side. The offenders were not able to be described.

Apex Bank in Bulls Gap reported the receipt of a counterfeit $20 bill in a deposit from Family Dollar, also in Bulls Gap, who was notified of the counterfeit bill.

Jason Reed Maes, Erwin, was arrested for driving under the influence, violation of light law, violation of financial responsibility, and registration must be carried after he was pulled over for a traffic stop. The deputy reported that he observed a strong odor of alcohol on Maes’s breath, had bloodshot eyes and unsteady on his feet. He consented to a field sobriety test which he performed poorly on. The vehicle registration, out of Nevada, had expired in June 2019, and he did not have the vehicle insured. He was informed of the Tennessee implied consent law and agrees to have a blood draw. He was found to have a previous conviction for driving under the influence in Cocke County. He was arrested, transported to the Hawkins County ER for a blood draw and transported to the jail.

December 2

A vehicle taken to have repairs made was reported stolen after the owner reported that it has never been fixed. The victim’s mother reported that the vehicle was not at the location where the repairs were to be made, and that the title to the vehicle had been stolen out of her bedroom. The vehicle was a 2005 black Mercury Mountaineer valued at $2000.

Ten head of cattle, valued at $15,000, were reported stolen from a Beech Creek Rd property. The owner provided the name of a possible suspect.

While moving from a Surgoinsville property following an eviction, the resident reported that several items of property left at the property while he was moving were missing when he returned for them approximately an hour later.

Kristal Amanda Hamilton, Church Hill, was arrested following a traffic stop after she made an abrupt left turn nearly hitting the deputy’s vehicle as he was driving on Goshen Valley Rd. She was found to have a suspended license of failure to pay fines. She reported no insurance on the vehicle. While speaking with her, the deputy noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from her person. She was asked to perform a series of three sobriety tests. Consent was given for a vehicle search that revealed an empty Fat Tire beer bottle, an empty case of beer, and 0.05 gms of marijuana. She was arrested for Due Care, Violation of Financial Responsibility, Driving under the Influence, Possession Schedule VI, Possession of Drug paraphernalia, and Open Container and transported to the jail.