November 27

A Morristown resident reported the theft of two Volkswagen vehicles with an estimated value of $12,000 from his property. One of the vehicles was observed at South Fork Branch Rd residence. The individual at that residence provided the deputies with the names of two individual who dropped the vehicle there five days before. The owners made arrangements to remove the vehicle from the property.

December 2

A Bulls Gap resident reported identity theft after sharing certain information, including his Social Security number with a female he met through a dating app. She also asked him to open a bank account through Simple Banking, which he did. He did not deposit any money into the account. The female asked for pictures of him and he send the typical pictures, but she sent nude pictures of herself.

A resident of Buzzard Roost Rd, Bulls Gap, reported that her red tick hound was attacked by two Great Pyrenees dogs, causing an injury that required stitches. She incurred a vet bill for $180.68. The Great Pyrenees dogs reportedly belong to a neighbor.

December 3

A Glock 42 pistol was taken from a Mooresburg resident’s truck after he left it in the vehicle unlocked and running when he returned to his residence. He believes his neighbors might be involved in the theft.

A resident of Rogersville reported the theft of a check that he had written on 10/16 to pay for his mortgage. He later discovered that the check had been removed from the mailbox, altered and cashed. The payee is currently an inmate in the Hawkins County jail.

18 double pane windows, with an estimated value of $9,000 where reported stolen by a Mooresburg resident. They were taken between 11/26 and 12/3. They had been stored in an abandoned house on her property.

Two dog owners in Rogersville were referred to seek private prosecution after the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office was contacted regarding an animal running at large. The complainant reported that her dog had been attacked by a Blue Heeler who was on her front porch. The owner of the heeler reported that the injured dog had been on his property as well and showed the deputy pictures of the dog on his property.

A 2005 Chevy Equinox that had been loaned to another individual on 11/17 was reported stolen by its Bulls Gap owner. The owners report that the car was not sold to the suspects as they had no credit and could not get the money to purchase it. The vehicle was observed running a red light in Kingsport, and in other locations in surrounding counties.

Cheryl Ann Ellis, Rogersville, was arrested for disorderly conduct, possession of schedule V and possession of drug paraphernalia after deputies observed a vehicle matching the description of one used in a possible theft. The tag on the vehicle was cross tagged to a different vehicle. When the vehicle was stopped, a female passenger jumped out of the vehicle while the driver began to evade arrest, with the vehicle reaching speeds up to 120 mph on Choptack Road. While passing vehicles, the driver swerved into the oncoming lane of traffic to intentionally stick a Dodge Ram. He then jumped from the vehicle and began to evade the police by foot. He was hit in the back with the officer’s Phazzer cartridge, but he pulled the barbs out and began to run again. After the Phazzer was deployed again, the officers were able to subdue the driver and placed him in custody. Ellis was found on Hwy 11W. She was found to have white pills and a needle in her bag. The pills were identified as Gabapentin. The driver of the vehicle, Michael Paul Stone, Mooresburg, was arrested for Aggravated Assault, Especially Aggravated Assault Criminal simulation, Speeding over 120/55, Evading arrest-motor vehicle/foot, and driving on a revoked license. During a search of his person, two fake $50 bills a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana and 0.2 gm of a white powdery substance believed to be methamphetamine were found in his possession along with a glue glass pipe. He was charged additionally with Possession of Meth, Simple possession, display registration, resisting arrest, violation of probation.

December 4

A Rogersville resident reported theft of his 1993 Toyota truck. The truck was taken while he was at work. He noticed that the key was missing from the vehicle. He leaves the keys in the vehicle and the vehicle unlocked while he is at work.

The Kitchen, Surgoinsville, reported that a man and woman came into the store and ordered food. Both subjects ate then left the restaurant without paying. The matter was referred to the Surgoinsville Police Department.

A Church Hill resident reported that an individual known to her had used a debit card to make purchases for her as she isn’t in any condition to go out of the house. She had no idea that the card was being used to take additional money out of the account until the account became overdrawn. The money was taken over a period from 8/3 until 11/5, totaling $6,441.82.

A resident of Rogersville reported the theft of his 2001 Ford Ranger truck while he was at a tenant’s residence. A male made contact with the owner to report that his girlfriend had taken the truck. The truck was recovered near Randall’s Restaurant in Church Hill.

Tina Charles Conway, Rogersville, was arrested for Public Intoxication after deputies were contacted by a business, after she was in the store for five hours and had been spraying paint inside the building. She reported haven taken Suboxone and Klonopin.

While being arrested for outstanding warrants for violation of probation and resisting stop/ frisk/halt, Timothy Dillion Neumann, Church Hill, was found in possession of a half and a quarter of white pill that he states was Subutek, for which he did not have a prescription. He was charged with possession of schedule 3 and transported to the jail for booking.

December 5

Maria Gabriela Mendoza was arrested following a traffic stop for a seatbelt violation. She was discovered to have an active warrant out of Hawkins County for her arrest. She was taken into custody and transported to the jail.

An air compressor and air hose were reported stolen from a Treadway residence.

A Mooresburg resident reported the theft of jewelry from his wife’s jewelry box. He believed that his ex-wife took the items while he was helping fix her vehicle. He spoke with her about the rings.

Building materials were reported stolen from a Rogersville property. The complainant reported seeing an individual on the property and knew that he was doing home improvements on another property. That person denies any knowledge concerning the matter.

Kevin Marvin Carico, Gate City, VA, was arrested for Domestic Assault and violation of Order of Protection after Deputies observed a male and female arguing in a vehicle stopped in the roadway. When the officer pulled them over, the female was shoved by the male and then ran from the car into the woods. There is an order of protection out of Scott County, VA. The female reported that she was afraid of the male and that he attempted to grab the steering wheel while she was driving and attempted to grab her phone as she tried to call 911. The male reported that he was not going to assault the female.

The theft of multiple items was reported by a Rogersville resident who said he observed an individual around his barn. That person got into the truck and took off before the owner could get to him. The complainant later contacted the Sheriff’s office to report that he had located the possible suspect. The suspect returned a bag of stuffed animals and stated that was all he had. He later stated that he returned the items to the owner.

The Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a possible domestic assault in Bulls Gap. The male reported that he had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend and that she threw a metal container that struck him in the head. She stated that he was throwing items at her and causing damage to the residence. Both parties were referred to private prosecution.

December 6

A 52-inch flat screen television was taken from a Rogersville resident. There was no signed of forced entry. The owner reported that her son had told her that he wanted the TV, and that he had a key to the residence although he does not live there.

A stolen 1984 Ford Ranger truck was reported stolen by a Kingsport resident. The complainant said the vehicle broke down on Carters Valley Rd at a friend’s house. That individual told the vehicle owner that he would not get the truck back until he got items back that his friend had stolen.

Timothy David Lee Laster, Surgoinsville, was arrested for public intoxication and criminal trespass after being discovered passed out in the driveway of a residence. The subject was awakened by the deputy. He reported that he had been told by friends to meet at that residence. He was not sure if he was in the right driveway. He was as having slurred speech and was taken the jail.

Parnell Quinn Short, Mooresburg, was arrested following a traffic stop for speeding, confirmed at 70 mph in a 35 zone. A check through NCIC showed the vehicle as stolen out of Bean Station, TN on 10/29. The registration did not belong to the vehicle and the vehicle was not insured. He was charged with possession of stolen property, speeding, violation of financial responsibly, and misuse of registration.