November 16

Jacob Lee Messer, Surgoinsville, was arrested for Aggravated Burglary and Vandalism after a report about a residence being broken into. Messer, who admitted breaking into the residence. He was advised of his Miranda Rights and arrested.

A Mooresburg resident reported an incident of vandalism of her mailbox after discovering that it was damaged during the night.

The theft of a small, modified car was reported by a Bulls Gap resident. The car resembled an older red Chevrolet with a yellow dragon on the hood, and the names Trinity and Caleb on the side doors. It was reportedly taken from the resident’s barn during the nighttime hours. The car’s estimated value is $10,000.

The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a Rogersville residence for a domestic assault between a father and his son. The father was reported to have pushed a TV over that the son was working on resulting in a minor injury to his foot. He then hit the son in the face causing minor swelling of the left eye. The father fled the premises when law enforcement arrived and contact with him could not be established.

Lisa Gail Turnmire, a resident of Rogersville, was arrested in reference to a hit and run complaint. She was pulled over after a traffic stop. She had blood shot eyes and had the odor of alcohol on her person. She performed three standardized field sobriety tests. She was read the Violation of Implied Consent form and refused both blood and alcohol testing. She was placed under the arrest for Driving under the Influence, Violation of Implied Consent, and leaving the scene of an accident.

Roy Wayne Byington, Surgoinsville, was observed driving in a vehicle with a 2019 expired registration. When he was pulled over the deputy felt that Byington was nervous, and he admitted that he knew the registration was dead and that he did not want to get a ticket or go to jail. Byington consented to a search of his vehicle. A small brown mushroom, believed to be a Psilocybin Mushroom, and a stem of a mushroom were found in zip lock bag. He was arrested and charged with Expired Registration and Possession of Schedule 1.

A Rogersville resident reported the theft of three cell phones from her residence. She received a phone call from the sister of an individual known by the victim, who had been living in the victim’s home, wanting to get the access code for one of the phones. The witness reported that the suspect admitted to taking a bunch of cell phones from the victim’s residence when he left. Another individual called the victim, while the deputy was present, telling her that he did not know why the police were contacted and that he would return the phone to her. He stated that he paid $200 for the phone.

November 17

Caleb Andres Byrd was arrested for Aggravated Criminal Trespassing, Unlawful possession of a firearm, and driving on a revoked license after deputies were dispatched to a Bulls Gap residence in reference to a mail with a shotgun threatening to kill someone. Byrd had left the scene before deputies arrived but was later found to be driving through the field between Whitaker Rd and Highway 113. During a consented search of the vehicle a black shotgun, with four rounds of 12- gauge ammunition was located in the vehicle. A driver’s license check showed that it was revoked for two reckless driving violations. He was transported to the Hawkins County jail.

A domestic assault complaint dispatched the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office to a residence in Mooresburg. The female at the residence reported an argument with the male that escalated after she tried to leave the kitchen. He took her phone so she could not call anyone. The male then pushed her against the kitchen counter, causing a bruise to her hip. The alleged victim was unwilling to give a written statement or taken any further action.

November 18

An alarm call from a residence in Church Hill dispatched a deputy to the residence. Upon arrival, Deputy Bledsoe observed a metal ladder leaning against a garage door. He observed glass and a lock that had been cut off the opened door. The homeowner advised that she did not observe anything to be missing from the garage at the time of the report.

A Rogersville resident reported the theft of a Big Tex dump trailer, taken during the nighttime hours on 111/17 because the frost on the ground was not as heavy and the drag marks did not look old. The trailer was valued at $7,000.

A Rogersville resident reported receiving a phone call from a woman who claimed employed with the I.R.S., stating he was under investigation and had a warrant for his arrest. She asked for his Social Security Number, which he provided. The name provided for the suspect was Tassot Harper.