December 18

Dennis Wayne Everhart,: of Rogersville, was arrested for public intoxication after deputies received a call about a male subject standing in people’s yards talking to himself and yelling at someone. When the deputy made contact with the man, he reported that someone had been chasing him with a gun, trying to kill him. Everhart repeatedly asked the officer if he saw the guy hiding behind the tree watching them. Everhart admitted that he had been up several days taking Methamphetamine. He was placed under arrest and transported to the jail.

A Church Hill resident: contacted the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office to report a possible fraud after receiving a text message from an unknown person inquiring about her willingness to be a “sugar baby”. The unknown subject provided a picture of an elderly woman as the alleged author of the text proposition. She was asked to forward some money to the individual to allow her to be compensated for her services. She was later contacted by her financial institution to ensure that the charges were not fraudulent. She discovered that the text had, in fact, come from a male subject identified as Jim. The phone number the text was received from was (213), in California. She reported sending $485.80 to the individual with $355 held in transit by her bank.

Deputies responded to a call,: in reference to a possible domestic assault in Bulls Gap. The female reported that she had assaulted by her boyfriend and that he left before the deputy arrived. She reported that the male had been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the assault. She reported that he hit her in the face and had slammed her head into the wall near the front door. The deputy observed visible signs of assault to her head and face. Her daughter was present during the assault. The victim reported being in fear for his life after he threatened to come back and kill her. She was advised to seek an Order of Protection. A warrant would be issued for the offender, charging him with Domestic Assault.

December 19

Dionnica Doreen Wilson, Greeneville,: was arrested after evading deputies. See full story entitled “Two Greeneville women arrested after high-speed chase leads to recovery of four pounds of meth” within this edition of the Review for further details.

A Rogersville resident: reported the theft of a night vision telescope. He reported that three people had come to the residence to look at a generator. The scope was sitting on the coffee table in his living room. He noticed it was missing after they left the premises, and he believes one of those individuals took it. It was valued at $200.

A Mooresburg resident: reported an attempted aggravated burglary at his resident on Slate Hill. The deputy observed that someone had tried to enter the home by forcing the door open. There was damage to a doorknob and around the edge of the door.

December 20

Joshua David Gagne,: Kingsport, was arrested following a near head-on accident with the deputy and fleeing the deputy after he turned his blue lights on. He accelerated to speeds of 80+ to 100+ miles per hour. He turned off all of his lights while attempting to get away. He finally stopped the vehicle on Manor Ct in Kingsport and began to flee on foot eventually running to his residence. He was apprehended and placed under arrest at that time. Gagne stated that he fled because he was on parole for several felonies out of Sullivan County and was a habitual motor offender, with 10 prior driving on revoked charges. He was charged with Speeding 21 miles over limit, reckless driving, felony evading by motor vehicle, failure to exercise due care, driving on revoked driver’s license X11, and evading arrest by foot.

Christopher Joel Greer,: Blountville, was arrested following a traffic stop when the deputy noticed that his driver’s side headlight was out. Greer admitted knowing the light was out and was going to get it fixed soon. He presented a driver’s license that did not appear to look anything like him. When the deputy asked for his to confirm his date of birth, he became irate and said that he knew his rights and that he had the right to remain silent. He was asked to step out of his vehicle. In a pat-down search, the driver’s ID was located in his wallet and confirmed his identity as Greer. The license was determined to be suspended. The vehicle was neither insured nor registered. An inventory done prior to the vehicle being towed from the scene revealed the presence of two small baggies in the driver’s side door, one containing two orange pills and the other a white chunky powder. Two glass pipes were also found that had a residue consistent with Meth on them. Greer was charged with criminal impersonation, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of Schedule 2, violation of light law, driving on a suspended and violation of financial responsibility and was taken to the Hawkins County jail.

A Rogersville resident: contacted the Sheriff’s Office to reports threat he received from his ex-wife. He reported that she placed a hit on him and said that she wanted him dead. The resident created a Facebook page in a different name and became an online friend of his ex-wife about a month ago. He gained her trust and then began to ask questions about himself. He asked her if she wanted her ex-husband (himself) taken care of and she said yes. He will email the messages sent via Facebook Messenger sent to the Sheriff’s Office. He reported that his ex-wife lives in Kentucky and that he had no address for her.

A Bulls Gap resident: reported the theft of a four-wheeler from his Long Town Rd. property. A video camera showed a vehicle stopping in the roadway near his barn, that left and turned around to head back toward the house. The vehicle appeared to be a small SUV of unknown make. The following morning, he noticed the four-wheeler to be missing. There were tracks visible in the grass where it had been pushed through a neighboring field.