October 22

Cathy Leann Reynolds, Rogersville, was observed driving without registration lights by Dep. DesOmeaux and a traffic stop was initiated. The suspect was found to be driving on a revoked for DUI driver’s license. She reported having a glass pipe and a personal use amount of narcotics in the vehicle. A search revealed .06 gm of Methamphetamine, a Suboxone pill and two glass pipes. Reynolds was arrested for Driving on a Revoked License, Possession of Methamphetamine Possession of Sch. 3, and Display Registration.

A Whitesburg resident reported that she received a call from someone alleging to be with Publisher’s Clearing House informing her that she had won money but that she would need to send a money order for $275 to a Nashville address in order to get her prize money.

October 23

Dominos Pizza, Rogersville, contacted the Hawkins Co. Sheriff’s Department to report counterfeit bills. The driver reported receiving three $20 bills while delivering but did not realize they were fake until she left the residence.

A Rogersville resident reported theft of a check out of her mailbox. The name was changed on the check and cashed by the subject.

A Kingsport resident reported receiving calls and texts from her ex-husband threatening harm to her and her children.

Raymond Choinski, Mooresburg, was arrested after an argument with the victim that escalated into a piece of lumber being used by both parties in a fight. The victim was transported to the hospital and Choinski was transported to the Hawkins Co. jail charged with Aggravated Assault.

Tony Joe Davenport, Rogersville, was observed running a stop sign and a traffic stop was initiated. He reported having neither a driver’s license nor proof of insurance. He also provided the deputy a false name and date of birth. After further questioning by the deputy, Davenport finally provided his name. A NCIC check showed that he had two warrants out of North Carolina and a suspended license. He was arrested for Criminal Impersonation, Running a stop sign, Suspended license, Registration-improper display, Financial responsibility and wheel tax. He was transported to the Hawkins County jail.

John Roberts Wisecarver, homeless, was arrested for criminal trespass after trespassing on property he had previously been banned from. He was transported to the Hawkins Co. jail.

October 24

A Mooresburg resident requested an escort into her home as she felt unsafe entering alone. Upon entering the residence, Dep. Sanders noticed a strong odor of possible burnt electrical wires. Inspection of the home revealed that an air conditioning unit had caught fire spreading smoke and smut throughout the house. Lakeview Fire was dispatched. A thermal camera showed no heat of fire or fire elsewhere in the home.

The Hawkins Co. Sheriff’s Department was called to a domestic violence matter in Rogersville. The victim reported that she was crying after learning that the suspect, Donnie Ray Brooks, had reportedly been unfaithful with another woman. When she would not stop crying, the subject was observed to have injuries to her eye, the side of her face and a laceration at the top of her head. When the victim locked herself into the bedroom, Brooks allegedly broke the door down and threatened to “slice and dice” her with a machete. Deputies attempted to contact Brooks at his home but were unsuccessful in getting the suspect to the door. Officers then decided to take a tactical attempt to enter the residence; however, the suspect did come to the door before entry was made. Brooks was taken into custody and charged with Aggravated Assault.

A runaway juvenile, who had taken a Harley Davidson motorcycle from his parents in Florida and fled the state, was found at a residence in Church Hill. The subject was found hiding in a closet in the home. He was charged with Runaway Juvenile, Possession of Stolen Property and Evading arrest. He was transported to the Johnson City Detention Center.

October 25

A Rogersville resident reported that he discovered broken gate locks and a broken door hinge on his property. Multiple items were taken. A generator and two batteries were removed but left on the side of the road. A propane line was also cut. Locks were replaced by the suspects for a possible attempt to enter the property later.

Steven Rose Kearney, Kingsport, was charged with Driving Under the Influence 2{sup}nd{/sup}, Failure to show Proof of Insurance and Registration violation. Kearney was observed driving to the left of the center line and was stopped. The smell of alcohol was noted by the deputy as Kearney was speaking. He was unstable on his feet and performed poorly on a standardized field sobriety test. He was found to have a previous DUI in Bristol, VA. Kearney elected to have a blood alcohol test done and was taken to the Hawkins County ER for a blood draw prior to being transported to the jail.

October 26

A Rogersville resident reported a possible stolen vehicle. She reported that the vehicle owner was currently incarcerated at the Hawkins Co. jail. The owner had allowed the alleged suspect to borrow the vehicle; however, he will not return the vehicle.

October 29

A Rogersville resident reported lending her vehicle to a family, who then lent it to another individual, who has not returned it.

Winston Mack Richardson, Rogersville, was arrested for Domestic Assault following an altercation with the victim. The victim reported that she came home and tried to tell Richardson that she had wrecked her car the previous night and that he then became angry and threatening. He was reported to have thrown a metal cigarette roller at the victim, striking her in the leg. Richardson was arrested and transported to the Hawkins Co. jail.

Kimberly Rena Manis, Rogersville, was arrested for possession of Schedule IV, Manufacture/Del/Sale / Possession of Methamphetamine after she was discovered to have a small, clear bag with two round blue pills, identified as Diazepam, and a clear crystal-like substance in a bag weighing 0.3 grams. She additionally had a warrant for Violation of Probation. She was transferred to the jail.

October 30

A Church Hill resident reported damage to her motor vehicle after observing that appeared to be pry marks between the door and the frame. She suspects the vandalism occurred at her Surgoinsville job site.

A Rogersville resident reported a presumed burglary and theft after he discovered cabinet and truck doors open when he arrived at his workplace. Items were observed on the floor and a cardboard box with tools was found near the door. There was no evidence of how entry was made into the building. Electric grease guns with batteries, chargers for the grease guns and an electric weed eater was taken.

Jeffery Daniel Dempsey, Rogersville, was arrested for Domestic Assault. Dempsey and the victim had an argument over a neighbor’s dog on the property that escalated when Dempsey shoved a knife across the kitchen table that cut the victim’s finger. He had reportedly been drinking. The victim reported being in fear for her life after Dempsey allegedly said that if she tried to leave him, he would harm her.

While on patrol, Deputy Winter, saw a woman running alongside Highway 11W. A black sedan, driven by Eric Troy McClellan, Kingsport, was observed to pull in front of the woman. The suspect reported that he and the victim had gotten into an argument. The victim, who was crying, reported that there had been an argument. She jumped out of the car and ran away after McClellan punched her in the face. The deputy observed a bruise to her face at the chin. McClellan was arrested for Domestic Assault, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Driving on a Revoked License.

October 31

Dylan Kyle Gatewood, Surgoinsville, was arrested for DUI after the deputy observed glare from a cell phone inside a moving vehicle. Gatewood reported that he had dropped something in the car and was using the phone to locate it. The deputy saw an open beer can sitting in the cup holder and smelled alcohol on Gatewood’s breath. He was arrested for DUI and transported to have a blood draw prior to being transferred to the Hawkins County jail.

A Mount Carmel resident reported an attempted burglary to the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office. The property caretaker noted that the bottom of a glass was pried up in a back door that had been nailed shut. It was unknown if entry was made or if anything was taken from the property. The property owner requested a report be made.

Peyton D. Buttry, Morristown, was arrested on a Hawkins County warrant for Aggravated Burglary, Vandalism and assault. He was transported to the Hawkins County jail.

L.C. Barnard, Mooresburg, was arrested on a Hawkins County warrant for Reckless Driving, Failure to Exercise Due Care, and Assault.

Patrick Michael Ryan, Rogersville, was arrested following a traffic stop. Ryan provided a driver’s license belonging to another individual. He told the deputy that his registration might be in his backpack in the back seat. When he retrieved the backpack, a glass smoking pipe and a syringe fell through a pocket. A small bag of an orange powdery substance, believed to be Suboxone, was found in the vehicle. A small bag of a clear crystal substance was found on Ryan as well. Ryan maintained that he was the individual listed on the driver’s license but later revealed his true identity. He was arrested for improper lane usage, improper display, Driving on a Revoked 2nd, Possession of a Schedule II, Possession of a Schedule III, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Violation of Financial Responsibility and Failure to Appear. A check through NCIC revealed that Ryan was also driving Revoked for DUI in 2016, as well as two additional warrants out of Knox County for child support and Failure to Appear.