November 10

A Church Hill residence reportedly had two ceiling fans stolen from the property between 11/1 and 11/20. Additional items were also taken from a yard barn located on the property, including tires and rims for a Nissan, two mobile home anchor machines, 2 mobile home rollers, a tin cutter, an electric hammer drill, a Sawzall, and four hydraulic jacks.

November 11

Deputies recovered a stolen trailer and a stolen 2005 Toyota Tundra in Mooresburg. These vehicles were towed to the impound lot pending further investigation.

A stolen 2020 Honda Civic was located in Surgoinsville, after being reported as stolen in Hawkins County. It was towed to the impound lot.

November 12

The Sheriff’s Office was called to a Bulls Gap residence on a report of a structure fire. Fire departments were already on the scene and had already collapsed. The Red Cross was contacted to assist with the family’s needs.

A Rogersville resident reported receiving telephone calls of a threatening nature. She stated that while she never answers the phone the individual leaves messages. These messages have been once a day for the past ten day. The voice appears to be that of a male with a foreign accent.

A Bulls Gap resident reported the theft of $150 worth of Amazon gift cards which were located in his home. He called what he thought was the correct number for Amazon and was told by someone reporting to be Steve Smith, that the money would be refunded. Smith allegedly called back to say that $4,000 had been transferred into his account, and to purchase eight $500 gift cards. The victim went to his bank and found that $4,000 had in fact been deposited into his account. The account was then closed and a new account activated.

Otis Lee Morgan, 3rd, was arrested on violation of an Order of Protection after showing up wanting a TV and laptop from the residence in Rogersville. After it was determined that the Order of protection was still active, Morgan was booked into the Hawkins County jail.

Rodney Dale French, Jr., of Church Hill, was arrested on a warrant for Aggravated Assault (Domestic related). He was transported to the Hawkins County Jail.

November 13

Aa Rogersville business reported the theft of a U-HAUL truck. Gary Gillespie, Rogersville, was reported to have rented the vehicle for two days and paid. He returned to rent it for an additional day on 11/2. Attempted to contact the suspect on 11/3 concerning the return of the truck were unsuccessful. The truck was valued at $45,000.

A Rogersville resident reported a suspicious transaction on her PayPal account for $500 for bitcoin. She contacted someone she believed was a representative of PayPal who gave her a code to begin the refund claim. She claimed that after entering the code, her computer shut down and was being controlled. She then shut the computer down. She is concerned that her information has been compromised.

A deputy was dispatched to a domestic assault in Mooresburg between a brother and sister. The sister alleged that her brother hit her in the head with a glass vase. No signs of injury were noted to her face or head. She reported that she wore a lot of make-up and that is why the injuries were not visible.

An inmate at the Hawkins County jail reported her 2009 Honda Civic being taken. She had asked the suspect to return the car to her mother after she became aware that she was going to be incarcerated. The suspect did not return the vehicle as requested and was driving it without her permission.

Deborah Ann Lowe, Whitesburg, was arrested after she was found to be in possession of a stolen 1995 red Chevy Blazer. She reported that she was homeless and found the Blazer with the keys in it and took it. She had no idea who the vehicle’s owner was. Upon inventorying the vehicle prior to it being towed, a black and silver pipe, and a glass tube with what is believed to be marijuana was found in the vehicle console. Lowe stated that the items belonged to her. She was arrested for theft of property, simple possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Alan Dale Myers, Whitesburg, was arrested for possession of stolen property over $1000 and possession of drug paraphernalia in connection with the theft of the Blazer.

Jonathan Michael Welch, Bean Station, was arrested following a traffic stop in Mooresburg. Welch was found to have the smell of alcohol on his person and in the vehicle. Located in the vehicle was an 18 pack of beer with several containers missing. He was read the Implied Consent form and agreed to blood and breath tests. He was charged with Driving under the influence, speeding (130 in a 55 zone), driving on a revoked/ suspended license and reckless driving.

November 14

The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a Rogersville residence for a domestic dispute. The two residence had been arguing. When the female attempted to leave the property, she was stopped from doing so. The deputy observed no signs of physical abuse. The female left the residence to stay with her sister for the night.

Phillip Lynn Nichols, Kyles Ford, was arrested for aggravated criminal trespassing. Nichols was threatening several shop workers that he was going to assault them. When deputies told Nichols to leave the premises, he threated to “whoop” them too. Nichols was taken into custody and transported to the Hawkins County jail for booking.

Nakisha C. Lane, Kingsport, was reported to be driving at a high rate of speed all over the road. She was observed to be swaying on her feet as she was walking back to her vehicle from the gas station. She was observed by the deputy to have extremely slurred speech. When asked if she had been drinking or under the influence of drugs, Lane responded no. She consented to a search of her person, where multiple prescription medications were found. She was found to be in possession of Buprenorphine that she stated she had snorted. Lane was arrested for public intoxication, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of Schedule III.

November 15

A Rogersville resident reported the theft of several items from his residence, including a UTV, cell phone, laptop, clothing, a rifle and a shotgun. He believes he knows the suspect, who is a resident of Surgoinsville. This individual had been sending threats through Facebook Messenger threatening to burn the victim’s house down.

A Surgoinsville resident reported a burglary at his residence. The door of the residence was observed to be kicked in and all of the screens on the windows removed. Nothing appeared to be missing from the residence although the victim did observe that his daughter’s clothing that had been in the washer had been gone through as had clothing on the bed.

Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a Rogersville residence in reference to a male in the yard threatening a female, possibly with a gun. Two men were observed in a vehicle at the roadway. They were observed to be handling something below the deputy’s line of sight. They were ordered out of the car and detained. A revolver was reported to be in the vehicle along with a green and silver box containing a clear bag of what is believed to be marijuana, three straws and a clear glass pipe and seven syringes. Justin Keith Stapleton, Rogersville, was arrested for felon in possession of a firearm, simple possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Jeremy Blake Wilt, also of Rogersville, was arrested on a charge of Aggravated Burglary. Both were transported to the Hawkins County jail.