December 31

Allen Lynn Brummitt, Surgoinsville, was arrested for public intoxication after it was first reported that there was an intoxicated male walking down the road. The deputy was stopped in route by a motorist who reported nearly running over a man lying in the road. When the deputy arrived, Brummitt was found lying in the middle of the road. He had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and could barely stand on his own. Brummitt admitted to drinking a lot of alcohol and that he was drunk. When asked why he was drinking and walking around, he stated “it’s been a hell of a year”.

Leslie Ann Wallen, Rogersville, was arrested following a traffic stop on a vehicle in which she was a passenger. The driver of the vehicle was found in possession of Methamphetamine, and the vehicle was searched. She was found to have a pill inside a cigarette pack that she reported as being Gabapentin. Another cigarette pack beside her purse contained a glass pipe used for smoking Meth. Brass knuckles were also located in her purse. She was placed under arrest for possession of Schedule 5, possession of drug paraphernalia, prohibited weapon and for an outstanding contempt of court.

A Rogersville resident reported issues related to cyber security after she noticed that things were being deleted off her social media accounts, and text was being removed from forms she was trying to fill out. She reported that she noticed her cellphone account displayed an IMEI number that did not match her phone. She was advised to change her internet carrier.

A Surgoinsville resident reported the theft of a stimulus card valued at $406. She reported that she had been asked by another individual if she could stay with her for a few days until she secured a new place to live. The following day she noticed that the individual had left and that her stimulus card was missing. After checking on the online account, she noted that $203 had been removed from the account. At the time of the report, she had around $6.00 left on the card.

Deputies were dispatched to a Mooresburg residence on a report of telecommunication harassment. The victim reported that he was receiving calls making threats to his family from an individual known to him. The deputy contacted that individual and advised him to stop making the threats because there were recordings of them. He agreed to do so if the victim agreed to quit texting him as well.

Deputies responded to a possible domestic assault in Church Hill. The wife reported that her husband was throwing things in the house and threatening her. She said she was scared of him and that she did not want him coming back to the residence. Two children at the residence also reported being scared of him. The husband reported being willing to leave but that he needed other items from inside the residence. The wife was advised to obtain an order of protection.

Erika Lee Worrell, Rogersville, was arrested after deputies responded to a call of a suspicious woman sitting in a vehicle, screaming, while blocking a driveway. Worrell reported that she had been at the County Line bar on Highway 11E and only had one beer, then held up an open container of Mike’s Hard flavored beer. She reported that she was trying to get to a friend’s house but she was unable to drive any further so she pulled off the road. When asked if she knew where she was, she became combative and replied Bulls Gap. She was asked to step out of the vehicle, and she declined to do so. After refusing to do so a second time, the deputies assisted her from the vehicle. She began to pull away from the deputies and refused to put her arms behind her back. She refused to get into the deputy’s vehicle and began to kick the deputy. An inventory of the vehicle done post-arrest revealed a loaded Cobra 380 semi-automatic handgun in the driver’s door along with another fully loaded magazine in the center console. The Implied Consent form was explained to her, and she demanded to speak to her lawyer. After refusing three times, she was advised that she was being charged with violation of implied consent in addition to DUI, open container, possession of a firearm by an intoxicated person, resisting arrest and assault.

Jason Anthony Higgins, Fall Branch, was arrested for possession of Meth, Possession of untaxed whiskey, criminal simulation, violation of financial responsibility, misused of registration, violation of wheel tax,violation of light law and altered tag after a traffic stop in Church Hill. The deputy observed that the vehicle Higgins was driving had broken taillight covers and a tag that expired in July 2017. When the deputy approached the vehicle, Higgins was observed to be shoving something under his seat. When the driver exited the vehicle, he dropped a baggie of a crystal-like substance on the ground. He was placed under arrest at that time. A search of his vehicle revealed two pistols under the driver’s seat; however, both were found to be BB guns made to look like real pistols. He did not have any proof of insurance and did not have a wheel tax sticker on the tag. A 2021 tag sticker belonging to another vehicle had been placed on his tag. Two bottles of liquor and a mason jar of a clear liquid believed to be moonshine was found in the bed of the truck.

January 1

Timothy David Lee Laster, Surgoinsville, was arrested for public intoxication and criminal trespassing after he was found in a vehicle on another individuals property. Laster stated that the property was his and that he was waiting for his wife, then indicated that she was walking down the road. No one was there. He was sweating profusely and had slurred speech. The property owner reported that Laster parked at his barn, and when confronted, told the owner to call the police because he was not leaving.

A Knoxville resident reported that theft of a camper while he was hunting in Hawkins County. The value of the camper was $3000.

A Bulls Gap resident reported a complaint related to a child custody matter. The child’s mother was advised by the court to exchange custody of their child at one location, but she advised that she would, instead, meet him in Johnson City to make the exchange which was a violation of the agreed location.

A Huntsville, Alabama resident reported that her sister, a resident of Rogersville, had jumped on her and smacked her in the side of the head, leaving a bruise. The other sister reported that she observed her sister going through jewelry in a bedroom. A witness reported that that both sisters were involved in a physical altercation. The sister who lives in Alabama wished to press charges again her sister, so a report was filed. She was advised she could pick it up on a later date and have her sister charged.

Deputies responded to a report of domestic assault after the victim began getting threatening texts from his spouse. He had petitioned the court for an order of protection. When the victim returned to his house from the garage, he was attacked by his spouse, being hit and scratched in the face and was bitten on the top of his head before his spouse left the residence. Deputies observed scratch marks on his face, blood on his mouth from a busted lip and an abrasion on top of his head. An arrest warrant will be issued.

David Brent Evans, Rogersville, was arrested after he pulled out in front of a deputy, causing him to hit his brakes to avoid an accident. Evans vehicle had crossed the fog line twice and the dotted white line once in a short distance. He was confirmed as driving on a revoked license and had a previous charge for DUI. He was asked to exit his vehicle for a field sobriety test. He exited the vehicle swaying and was unable to focus his eyes while the deputy spoke to him. He was arrested for driving under the influence 2nd, Driving on Revoked, and failure to maintain lane.

Latisha Renay Buchanan, Rogersville, was arrested after she was found in her vehicle after it was involved in a one-vehicle accident. The vehicle had severe front-end damage. She stated that she had been driving and ran out of the roadway hitting a concrete pillar and then a utility pole. She was very unsteady on her feet and confused about where she was and the time of day. She was asked to perform a field sobriety test. A check of her license revealed that she was driving on a revoke license. She was unable to provide proof of insurance. During a consented search of her vehicle, a green plant-like material believed to be marijuana was located in a backpack. After she was read the Tennessee Implied Consent form, she consented to a blood draw and was taken to the Hawkins County emergency room for a sample to be taken. She was charged with Driving under the Influence, driving on a revoked, failure to exercise due care, violation of financial responsibility and simple possession Schedule VI.

January 2

A Surgoinsville man reported that he noticed what appeared to be a bullet hole in the right rear bumper of his vehicle. He removed a slug of either a 9 mm or a .380 caliber. He does not know where this occurred but that it was not there on December 30.

A Rogersville resident contact the Sheriff’s Office after she was involved in a possible domestic disturbance. She reported that her boyfriend had been drinking all day and they fought over money. She tossed him a report and was trying to leave when he shoved her against a wall, spit in her face, and pulled her hair. He reported that he had been drinking all day but that he did spit in her face but only after she hit him in the eye with the television remote. The deputy observed what he believed to be self-inflicted bruising to his eye. The parties agreed to separate for the day and were advised on how to pursue charges if they wished.

A vehicle and multiple tools were reported taken from a Bulls Gap residence. The victim reported that his adopted brother had been staying at his house for a couple of days. The victim left the house to go to dinner on January 2 and when he returned home, the car was gone, and his tools were missing. He attempted to make contact with his brother but was not successful in those efforts. The vehicle and tools were valued at $2,959.

Crystal Sanders, Rogersville, was arrested for domestic assault and public intoxication after an assault on her mother. Her mother reported that Sanders had been arguing with her all day and that they got into an altercation. Sanders pulled the oxygen from her mother face and tried to smother her with her hands. The victim has COPD and needs the oxygen throughout the day. Her grandson intervened. Sanders two children, who also live at the address, corroborated the victim’s statement. Sanders was found at a neighbor’s house. While the deputy was speaking to her, there was an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person and she was slurring her words. She was placed under arrest and transported to the Hawkins County jail.

January 3

John David Bundren, Rogersville, was arrested for domestic assault after he reportedly stole Subutex from his wife, then hit her in the nose and mouth. She then was thrown into the bed of his truck and driven off. Deputies observed Bundren driving down the road with a female in the bed of the truck. She was later seen running toward the deputy, bleeding from her mouth and nose. Bundren abandoned the truck, with blown front tires and wheel damage and fled up Long Hollow Rd. He was not able to be located initially; however, deputies were contacted again after he returned to the residence. He was taken into custody and transported to the jail.

A Rogersville resident reported the theft of multiple firearms from a bedroom closet. He believes that a friend of his wife was staying at the residence during the time that they were taken.

A motorized bicycle was reported stolen from a Church Hill residence. The owner of the bicycle reported seeing it last on 12/13 and noticed it missing on 12/25. After making a post on his Facebook page, the victim received the name of an individual who may have the bicycle. The name of the person was provided to the deputy.

A resident of Little Pumpkin Rd in Eidson reported that the water to his residence had been turned off by her father. She reported that when he gets aggravated with her, he turns the water off to get her to do what he wants. Deputies spoke with the father who reported that he would not turn the water on until she did what he wanted her to do. He reported that she had taken wheels and a front bumper off a Jeep that he owned and swapped them to another Jeep vehicle. The items were returned but not put back on the original Jeep they were removed from. Both the father and the daughter were referred to private prosecution.