January 8

A resident of Rogersville reported that his mother-in-law’s boyfriend continuously threatens and harasses him and that he has been told not to be on the victim’s property. The individual showed up on the property and the victim wanted a report filed for trespassing because it is an ongoing issue.

A Mooresburg resident reported an incident of phone harassment related to the ex-boyfriend of the girl he is currently dating. He reported that he received a phone call threatening to come to the victim’s home and mentioned a gun during the conversation. He also reported that the suspect had shown up at the residence previously with a baseball bat. The deputy also spoke to the suspect regarding the allegations. He reported that he was not in possession of a gun and due to an order of protection was not allowed to have a gun. The suspect was advised to stay away from the victim’s residence.

A resident of Surgoinsville reported that her ex-boyfriend has been stalking her. She took her dog outside and then went to her shed, and when she opened it, she discovered her ex-boyfriend sitting inside. She told him to leave but he refused to do so. She reported that he has hidden in the shed many times without her knowledge and shows up on her property without her consent. He had opened her bedroom window from the outside in the past and tried to grab her. The deputy noticed small shoe prints in the snow by the shed and larger shoe prints that appeared to be cowboy boots that the victim identified as belonging to the suspect. She was advised to obtain an order of protection. Because the suspect had left the scene before law enforcement arrived, a warrant will be issued for stalking.

A Russellville resident contacted deputies after tax documents were not returned to her when requested after a contract between the victim and a tax preparer had terminated. The tax preparer reported that the documents would be returned after they were scanned and would be ready for the victim in approximately one hour.

Deputies were dispatched to a trailer in Rogersville after the owner became aware that there were individuals inside that did not have permission to be there as it was rented to another individual. Four individuals, Christine Adelle Gibson (Kingsport), Scott Flemming Powers (Kingsport), Justin Tyler McDavid (Kingsport) and Michelle N Gibson (Kingsport) were located inside the trailer. They provided statements to the officers regarding having permission to be there but did not attempt to contact anyone who could verify those statements. Burglary tools were found on Justin McDavid’s person and in the room that Michelle Gibson and Scott Powers had their belongings. A bowl of marijuana was observed in plain view in the bedroom. Michelle Gibson stated that it was hers. The other individuals consented to a search of their belongings for drug paraphernalia. The deputy located a pipe, 6 plastic baggies with a crystal-like residue, a pill grinder, a second bowl of marijuana, three glass meth pipes, and two needles. Christine Adelle Gibson was arrested for criminal trespass and possession of drug paraphernalia; Scott Powers was arrested for criminal trespass, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of burglary tools; Michelle Gibson was arrested for criminal trespass, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of burglary tools; Justin McDavid was arrested for failure to appear, criminal trespass, possession of drug paraphernalia, vandalism, and possession of burglary tools.

January 9

Zachary Dillan Dronbusch, Rogersville, was arrested and charged with possession of schedule 2 (x2) and possession of drug paraphernalia after deputies went to a Rogersville residence for an outstanding warrant on another individual believed to be at the residence. Dornbusch agreed to a room search, remaining sitting on his bed while the search was conducted. When asked if the search could continue under the mattress, he stood and allowed the search. Under the mattress, the deputy discovered a white plate with two lines of a white powdery substance and a razor blade. There was also a rolled up $20 bill with white residue, and a bag with 7.6 gms of a substance believed to be cocaine. Dronbusch said that the cocaine was his and that he had received it for his birthday. Two white pills, identified as hydrocodone, were found in his right pants pocket.

Deputies were dispatched to a Rogersville address for a possible domestic assault. The wife reported she and her husband had gotten into an argument over his medications after she saw him trying to snort it. She tried to stop him from doing this, and he reportedly pushed her away and slapped her in the face. When she attempted to call 911, he knocked her phone away. When she tried to call a second time, he jumped on her back. The husband stated that there was an argument involving medications but that he did not physically assault her. He left the home for the evening and she was referred to private prosecution and an order of protection.

January 10

Theft of a package delivered to a Rogersville residence was reported by the homeowner. The package was reported to containing clothing for his wife, valued at $200.

Guests to a Mooresburg residence are suspected of taking items from the homeowner. The two suspects came to the residence and appeared to be under the influence. While one individual spoke with the homeowner, the other was noted to be “messing around” outside. After they left, the owner found items missing from both inside and outside of the home. Taken were four fishing poles, a Bluetooth speaker, a bow, and camera, with a combined value of $265.00.