Dear Reader’s, Hi, how are you all. I am visiting my brother in the wilderness of Tennessee. I seriously mean wilderness. It is a sweet little town. I wanted to write today about a subject that affects us all. Dealing with toxic people.

This is something that I am sure you can relate to. Toxic people are everywhere now. They are in the workplace; they may be friends and they may be family members. Which one is the hardest to deal with? That would probably be a toss-up, as it’s all a nightmare because the qualities of a toxic person are, and I quote:

1. You’re left feeling emotionally exhausted after an encounter with them

2. They try to control you by guilt tripping

3. They are easily jealous

4. They constantly see themselves as a victim

5. They give backhanded compliments

6. They’re overly defensive

As you probably well know all of the above can take the joy out of your day. And sometimes dealing with toxic people cannot be avoided. We are living in the time where 1rst Timothy 3:1-5 reads like a newspaper headline it is so spot on, “People will be lovers of selves, haughty, self-assuming, puffed up with pride.” And toxic people will often accuse you of the very things that they themselves are doing. Goodness!

Well, the question of our lives, so that we can maintain a semblance of joy in our lives is-what to do about it? I am going to cover that in next weeks column. If anyone has some good advice that they would like to share about how to react to a toxic person please feel free to email me at

Together we’ll figure out how to cope. Until next time, have a great week, and have a literary week! Teresa