This $11 million is given in the name of COVID relief. Was the local government financially harmed by COVID? Did one government employee lose any income during the pandemic? Did any government employee lose their healthcare policy? Who is serving who?

Who was financially harmed by COVID? How many single mothers in the private sector were harmed when the government schools were closed? Are they going to receive any of this $11 million?

How many of us watched family members receive their COVID checks in the last few weeks spend that money on bright shiny objects? How many of us encouraged these family members to pay off a car loan or rent payments instead of the bright shiny objects. Who among us will recognize the shackle and speak its name to those who need to listen and hear the truth?

Hawkins county/Rogersville is a wonderful place to live. Freedom is not free; it needs to be maintained. This is the job of the citizen.


Brian Dooley

Hawkins County