ABB award

Celebrating ABB’s safety award are (from left) Plant Safety Manager David Glover, State Rep. Gary Hicks, Hawkins County Sheriff Ronnie Lawson, Plant Manager Tom Carpenter and Rogersville Mayor Jim Sells.

ABB’s Rogersville plant may need to create more room on its trophy shelf.

The plant recently received the Commissioner’s Award for Safety Excellence from the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. To qualify for the award, an establishment must compile the number of man-hours without a lost work-day incident that is at least 10 percent below the national average for work-day incidents. The total case incident rate is based on federal industry-specific figures.

Tom Carpenter is the plant manager.

“We have a strong safety culture here at ABB and we all work together to make sure one another in our work family go home the way we came in,” Carpenter said.

The plant serves several industries including agriculture, food and beverage, air handling, unit handling, transportation, textile, forest products and aggregates.

The facility opened in 1971 and manufactures Dodge mounted ball bearings, as well as plain and spherical bearings. These products are made of cast iron housings containing steel bearings and races which contain a friction-reducing material such as grease. The bulk of the work performed at the Rogersville facility is machining, heat-treating, grinding, and assembly of steel anti-friction bearing components.

The award honors employers and employees who work hard to maintain a safe work environment.

“No job is so important and no service so urgent that we cannot take the time to perform our work safely,” said David Glover, plant safety manager.

The plant has won the Governor’s or Commissioner’s award six times.